Umberto Coa

Non dite che siamo pochi

a cura di Renata Ferri


Non dite che siamo pochi (“Do Not Say We Are Just a Few”) started when I met MB.

We met by chance in 2016 during a seasonal job in the countryside surrounding Lyon.

MB is an anti-authoritarian of Italian origin.

He had been a militant for a long time.

It’s difficult to reduce him to classic categories of rebel, antagonist or subversive: he might simply be an enemy of any given authority who, through a series of practices, has found a way to turn his ideals of justice and freedom into reality.

Over a period of about a decade, from the mid-90s onwards, MB produced and collected an extraordinary amount of material – images, objects and documents – proofs of his travels and experiences of fight in various parts of Europe.

I recovered part of MB’s archive some months after our encounter, just before losing track of him. This archive has been reorganized according to semi-philological criteria, starting from the little information it offers and mostly basing myself on MB’s stories.

Because of this, Non dite che siamo pochi can not be considered a testimony, nor a reliable reconstruction of real events.

Perhaps it is only a story that starts from real documents and offers a highly questionable interpretation.

Umberto Coa

Umberto Coa was born in Palermo on December 29th, 1988. He approached photography as a self-taught while studying law at the University of Milan. After graduating, he attended the three-year course of photography at the Studio Marangoni Foundation, where he graduated in 2016. He lives and works in Palermo.

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Non dite che siamo pochi with Umberto Coa and Renata Ferri


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