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Reggio Emilia. European Photography week is a photographic research project promoted by the City Council of Reggio Emilia which will conclude with a programme of events organised between 28 April and 5 May 2006.

The programme foresees 2 main exhibitions coordinated by Angela Madesani - photography historian and art critic - and a number of initiatives, classes, conferences and other displays will be prepared.

The first exhibition, Storie urbane, involves 15 famous European artists, who together investigate urban spaces and propose a new view of the city and its community. In an era of disorientation and loss of space, the photographic image can enphasise the relationship between the individual and his surroundings against a variety of landscapes.

The second exhibition, Al Limite. Art and photography in the 60s and 70s is a reflexion on the theme of limits through works carried out by reknowned artists between the 60's and the 70's. It is the first Italian recognition of the photographic production of those crucial years when photography became an instrument of research for numerous artists in the worlds of Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Land Art.

With "Reggio Emilia. European Photography week" the City Council of Reggio Emilia explores its own identity within the European context.

The focus is on a new vision of the transforming landscape which ideally belongs to that current of contemporary photography originated in Italy in the early 80's by Luigi Ghirri.
The work of this famous photographer from Reggio Emilia is an important point of reference because he has influenced Italian photography over the last decades and created a dialogue between photography and the Arts of architecture, literature and the cinema.

The aim of the programme is to stimulate a reflection on the places, identity, needs, aspirations and projects of our cities by enphasising the centrality of culture for the policies of strategic planning at a time when Reggio Emilia is undergoing a process of urban transformations which will redefine the city map .

There will also be numerous cultural events aimed at involving a wide public and at developing a closer relationship between projects and expectations of a community in order to encourage city planning to go beyond the boundaries of its itself and thereby interest everyone .

To this end , Reggio Emilia has invited some of the most interesting artists from the continent to promote a comparison between different "urban visions".

The Reggio Emilia Week of European photography is the starting point of a wider project aimed at highlighting the significant cultural heritage of Reggio Emilia, with its photographic archive in Biblioteca Panizzi and the Ghirri Archive and places it among the most important cities for contemporary photography.
Culture lovers, art lovers, photography entusiasts and the curios from all over Europe will be able to experience the world of photography by coming together with photographers, artists, critics and intellectuals in traditional h istorical and artistic settings.
All the city of Reggio Emilia will come to life and become a great stage: associations, cultural clubs, libraries, cafčs and restaurants will become places of cultural entertainment and visitors, authors and artists will have the chance to meet and converse.

The programme foresees other exhibitions: