Concept 2018


Upheavals, Changes, Utopias

The new edition of Fotografia Europea acts within the realm of the “revolution of gaze and vision” that originated at the very birth of photography.


REVOLUTIONS. Upheavals, Changes, Utopias” is the thirteenth edition’s theme, curated by the Scientific Committee of Fondazione Palazzo Magnani – composed by Marzia Faietti, Marco Belpoliti, Vanni Codeluppi, Walter Guadagnini, Gerhard Wolf – with Walter Guadagnini’s Art Direction

The word revolution comes from the Latin term revolutio, which in turn finds its root in the verb revolvere. Its common and widespread perception is in the realm of politics: a violent disruption of the established order, aiming at a radical upheaval of the status quo.

The best-known examples exemplify the paradoxical aspect of the term, interpreted here as a sudden interruption of a process of change and which therefore provokes a halt in the current evolution and not necessarily a step forward.

The term revolution belongs to every field of human knowledge and behaviour, to all fundamental, ground-breaking changes, whose effects persist far beyond the moment they took place.

Walter Guadagnini

Thus the term Revolution, or revolutions rather, understood in the broad sense of rebellious acts, change, renewal, which may or may not provoke an immediate response leading to direct consequences, which may or may not preserve the utopian character which often shaped its original ideal, which may or may not be charachterized by things turning onto themselves.

What is the meaning of the word revolution in today’s world? How can we represent the revolution today, besides and beyond the most immediate journalistic practices?