Marjolein Blom

Double Slit Experiment


Double Slit Experiment, called after Richard Feynman’s famous double slit experiment that displayed the fundamentally probablistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena for the first time in history, is a visual study about time travel.

It touches on scientific principles that, in theory, could make traveling through time possible, like wormholes, Einstein’s general relativity theory and quantum mechanics. But, most importantly, on the practical impossibility of people as time travellers.

As a child I was fascinated by the early history of the earth and the universe. A fascination I shared with my father. Together, we searched for fossils or read books on astronomy. But during the years the fossils were stowed in the closet, my father died. Time traveling would be a way to turn back to moments of the past.

The images in this exhibition relate to the aforementioned phenomena in astrophysics, and give the viewer an idea of their possible appearance, as if they were to be seen by the human eye.

Marjolein Blom (1984) living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Graduated (with honour) in 2014 from the Fotoacademie, Amsterdam with the project Double Slit Experiment. The project has been honoured with the Fotoacademy Grant by The Keep an Eye foundation and the dummy of her book was shortlisted for the FOAM Unseen Dummy Award 2014.

Her photographic work explores scientific questions in a personal and associative way.

“Not with the aim to find or give answers but to discover new perspectives to complex matter. As an artist I enjoy playing with suggestion, perception and interpretation in order to create a new reality out of everyday observations.”

She currently focusses on a new project of research on the different theories on the vacuum by examining philosophical theories about “nothingness”, matter itself and elementary particles.


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Double Slit Experiment

Guided tour with Marjolein Blom

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