Eva Pacalová

Hello Grandpa! Visual reaction to Grandpa´s pragmatic questions about the world.


This mixed media project reacts both visually and theoretically to philosophical and scientific questions about the world, sky, universe, and modern technologies, the topics I have often discussed with my Grandpa. The theoretical part (author book) is written in form of a letter to him and citations, searches for answers in art theory and philosophy. The practical part is then a visual guide and a complement to the explanations outlined. All in symbolical way, one year after his dead, for myself and for the viewers.

Project consists of:

Collage of colour photograms / 170×125 cm, random collage of photograms (each 10×15 cm) of glass stones that my Grandpa put in a concrete curb around a flowerbad in our garden years ago, describing the universe; C print photography / 100×70 cm, ground plan model of my Granpa´s garden, describing the world and its center that comes from our homes; Photo object / 100×70 cm, about sky; Ipad in wooden frame / 30×24 cm, live broadcast from a camera placed in the garden, sky view, describing the modern technologies; Author book / A3, theoretical part.

Eva Pacalová (1989) graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Bachelor and Master Program in Photography, 2008–2015. She completed a study stay at the Moholy-Nagy Muvészeti Egyetem in Budapest, Department of Photography, 2014– 2015.

She works primarily in the media of photography, object and multimedia installation based on combination of traditional photography and seeking new forms. The central theme of her work is handling with personal experiences and transfer its message to viewers.

She has introduced her work at numerous Czech and European exhibition institutions, recently at Školská 28 Gallery and AGalerie in Prague (cooperation with Josef Málek on Artzine project), OGV Alternativa in Jihlava, Museu Arte Nova in Aveiro, Ekserhuset in Kristiansand, Ars et mundus in Kaunas, Tutti Frutti Festival in Bratislava. In 2016, she completed AiC heARTbreaker Residency in Česká Bříza and Melodies of Landscape Symposium in Mikulášovice.


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Hello Grandpa! Visual reaction to the Grandpa´s pragmatic questions about the world

Guided tour with Eva Pacàlova

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