Kurt Caviezel



For the past 16 years I have been taking pictures with netcams in real time. My archive contains about 4 million images currently. The installations of images from the series WALLPAPER are made up of many, if not hundreds of these images. They have all been harvested from publicly accessible cameras, located all over the world. These images get printed as a paperhanging, pinned or rather hung individually or framed to the wall, where they compose the picture as a whole. A single wallpaper can be composed of images, photographed throughout the past 16 years, or just over a period of 10 minutes.

Thus the works of the series WALLPAPER show extracts of my archive. On the one hand they discuss matters of the archives, which means collecting data (Big Data), algorithmic pattern recognition, classification in categories etc., on the other hand they present the world as a kind of meta-reportage – unadorned in front of automatically cameras, as much in private as in public spaces.

In the videos, the images get arranged and computed cross-faded to a video-file.

Kurt Caviezel

Kurt Caviezel’s project is part of the group exhibition Archivi del futuro, curated by Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli and Walter Guadagnini.

Palazzo Da Mosto hosts a reflection on the relationship between two seemingly opposite terms: archive and future. The decisions and the choices we make today determine what our future will be: what we keep and store and therefore what will be passed on; but also how to do it, and for what reasons.

Daniel Blaufuks, Alessandro Calabrese, Kurt Caviezel, Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, David Fathi, Agnès Geoffray and Teresa Giannico investigate different modes in the latest uses of “archives” to achieve designing a map of presen and future thoughts.

Kurt Caviezel, born in Chur in 1964, lives and works in Zurich.

He photographed and explored the world for 15 years by means of publicly accessible network cameras.

His work has been presented in several group exhibitions in international galleries and institutions: International Center of Photography, New York, 2016-2017; Centre de la Photographie, Geneva, 2016; Noorderlicht Photofestival, Groningen, 2015; Internationale Kunst, Medien und Foto-Triennale, Villa Merkel, Esslingen e Art Basel, 2013; Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles, 2011. His solo shows include: Centre de la Photographie, Geneva, 2013; Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, 2012; Fotostiftung Schweiz, Winterthur, 2011.

Palazzo Da Mosto – 2pm
Archivi del futuro
Guided tour with Daniel Blaufuks, Alessandro Calabrese, Kurt Caviezel, Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, Agnès Geoffray, Teresa Giannico


Teatro Cavallerizza – 11.30am
Archivi del futuro
Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli, Walter Guadagnini talk with Daniel Blaufuks, Alessandro Calabrese, Kurt Caviezel, Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, Agnés Geoffray,Teresa Giannico


MAY 27 
Palazzo Da Mosto – 4.30pm
Guided tour – 3€
info and booking: info@palazzomagnani.it, +39 0522444446


JUNE 24 
Palazzo Da Mosto –  4.30pm
Guided tour with Walter Guadagnini

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