Daniel Blaufuks

Attempting Exhaustion


Between Friday the 18 th and Sunday the 20 th of October 1974, the writer Georges Perec sat daily in a café at Place Saint-Sulpice, in Paris, thoroughly documenting what he saw, charting brief details of buses and people, dogs, funeral processions, and all he ate and drank. These notes of “that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance: what happens when nothing happens other than the weather” are the material for the book An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, a work focused on the infra-ordinary with obvious links to contemporary photography.

Between 2009 and 2016, I photographed a table and a window in my kitchen in Lisbon. I was first attracted by its silence, later by how the objects received the light,and, finally, by their geometrical composition. I couldn’t help noticing, more and more, how things repeated themselves without truly repeating themselves. Little changes, almost invisible transformations happened every day, according to weather and season. Unlike Perec’s tableau, as he saw it from the Café Tabac in Paris, mine was truly void of any action. In front of those luminous but opaque windows, the objects on the table were replaced in function of everyday needs: dishes, glasses, newspapers, magazines, flowers, napkins, the fruit in season, papers, instruments, maps. Retreating from the outside world, I slowly transformed my kitchen into a refuge, a shelter, a place for introspection and solace


Daniel Blaufuks’s project is part of the group exhibition Archivi del futuro, curated by Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli and Walter Guadagnini.

Palazzo Da Mosto hosts a reflection on the relationship between two seemingly opposite terms: archive and future. The decisions and the choices we make today determine what our future will be: what we keep and store and therefore what will be passed on; but also how to do it, and for what reasons.

Daniel Blaufuks, Alessandro Calabrese, Kurt Caviezel, Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, David Fathi, Agnès Geoffray and Teresa Giannico investigate different modes in the latest uses of “archives” to achieve designing a map of presen and future thoughts.

Daniel Blaufuks has been working on the relation between photography and literature, through works like My Tangier with the writer Paul Bowles. More recently, Collected Short Stories displays several photographic diptychs in a kind of “snapshot prose,” a speech based on visual fragments that give indication of private stories on their way to become public. The relation between public and private and individual and collective memory, has been one of the constant interrogations in his work.

He has been showing widely and works mainly in photography and video, presenting his work through books, installations and films. The documentary Under Strange Skies was shown at the Lincoln Center in New York. His exhibitions include: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, LisboaPhoto, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, Photoespaña, Madrid, where his book Under Strange Skies received the award for Best Photography Book of the Year in the International Category in 2007, the year he received the BES Photo Award as well. He published Terezín with Steidl, Götingen. In 2011 he had a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and in 2014 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon.


Palazzo Da Mosto – 2pm

Archivi del futuro

Guided tour with Daniel Blaufuks, Alessandro Calabrese, Kurt Caviezel, Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, Agnès Geoffray, Teresa Giannico



Teatro Cavallerizza – 11.30am

Archivi del futuro

Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli, Walter Guadagnini talk with Daniel Blaufuks, Alessandro Calabrese, Kurt Caviezel, Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, Agnés Geoffray,Teresa Giannico


MAY 27 

Palazzo Da Mosto – 4.30pm
Guided tour – 3€
info and booking: info@palazzomagnani.it, +39 0522444446
JUNE 24 
Palazzo Da Mosto –  4.30pm

Guided tour with Walter Guadagnini

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