Sebastian Stumpf



The video projection consists of different camera angles, showing deserted views of the via Emilia. The landscape appears as suburban sprawl with declining agricultural use and is dominated by the noise and physical intensity of passing cars and trucks. Beside the ceaseless traffic a passerby enters the frame. He walks along the side of the road into the depth of the image and suddenly disappears from view. The sole individual on the road evokes disparate figures and (anti-)heroes of motion picture history. The person’s unexpected deviation from the given path leads to its vanishing. In combination with the discrete execution of movements, the sudden transitions and absurd extensions of space, the slapstick humor of early silent films comes into play.

Sebastian Stumpf’s new video projection is presented in the context of selected previous works “Sukima” (2009), “Highwalk” (2010), “Bridges” (2011) and “Puddles” (2013). These photographs and videos were recorded in the urban space of different European and Asian metropolises.


Sebastian Stumpf’s project is part of the group exhibition 2016. Nuove esplorazioni,  curated by Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli and Walter Guadagnini.

2016. Nuove Esplorazioni

The exhibition originates and develops in relation to Explorations along the Via Emilia (1986), with the aim to describe how the Via Emilia has changed over the last thirty years and how the way of representing it has changed too.

For this research, the festival commissioned seven contemporary authors representing a new generation: Alain Bublex, Stefano Graziani, Antonio Rovaldi, Sebastian Stumpf, Davide Tranchina, Paolo Ventura, and Lorenzo Vitturi. Their task was to give an account of the Via Emilia today.


Sebastian Stumpf (Würzburg, Germany, 1980) studied Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Lyon and Leipzig. In 2010, he participated in the 6th Berlin Biennale and in the Aichi Triennale in Nagoya.

Selected solo exhibitions include Museum Folkwang Essen, Museum for Photography Braunschweig, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax and Galerie Thomas Fischer, Berlin. His works have recently been shown at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen, the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden, and at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Earlier this year he completed a site-specific video projection for the exhibition Reflective Architecture in Le Corbusier’s Mill Owners’ Association Building in Ahmedabad, India, and he will be an artist in residence at the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles from October to December 2016. He lives in Leipzig.


7 May 10.30 am, Teatro Cavallerizza

2016. New explorations

Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli and Walter Guadagnini talk with Alain Bublex, Stefano Graziani, Antonio Rovaldi, Sebastian Stumpf, Davide Tranchina, Paolo Ventura, Lorenzo Vitturi

booksigning to follow


8 May 2 pm, Chiostri di San Pietro

ASK THE ARTIST: 2016. New explorations

The artists Alain Bublex, Stefano Graziani, Antonio Rovaldi, Sebastian Stumpf, Davide Tranchina, Paolo Ventura, Lorenzo Vitturi, will answer at questions by public


25 June, 6.30 pm, Chiostri di San Pietro 

2016. New explorations guided tour with the curator Elio Grazioli


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