On the via Emilia


© Claudia Losi_St. Kilda, Untitled_2012-16 Courtesy Collezione Maramotti

Claudia Losi

How do I imagine being there?


8 May – 16 October 2016


What language should be used to describe a place? This is the core question of Claudia Losi’s peculiar travel chronicle, that springs out of a real “crossing” of St. Kilda islands, moves onto the construction of new maps and artifacts (including photographs) that constitutes mnemonic sedimentation of the landscape.

Paolo Simonazzi, Bagnolo (RE), 2012, da La casa di Lenin. Courtesy Collezione Maramotti

paolo simonazzi

So near, so far


8 May – 31 July 2016


Simonazzi’s pictures tell us how what is extraneous, the other, is merging with the domestic, the everyday life in the province, often with a rural flavour; they do not portray kitsch postures, but rather bringing a smile on one’s lips for their intrinsic, naive spontaneity.


Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione dell’Università di Parma

Luigi Ghirri, Modena 1973, Modena, 1973, 
mm 153x258
Courtesy CSAC Università di Parma, Eredi Ghirri


Photographs of the via Emilia


7 May – 2 October 2016


From the archives of Photography Section a reflection on the views of this landscape, with the aim to provide a backdrop to the project Explorations along the Via Emilia of 1986, which is still relevant today and already historical.


Habitare la via Emilia

Presences and places of settlement re-establishment


7 May – 2 October 2016


Exhibition dedicated to the public landscape, the result of a study that employs a precise topographic-photographic survey to reflect on the structure and components of the development of the Roman road as an instrument of continuous regeneration of human settlement in the Emilia region.

Linea di confine per la fotografia contemporanea

Guido Guidi, Bertinoro, 1984

Guido Guidi

Along the road. Photographs on State Road 9


7 May- 10 July 2016


What settled in the critical discourse as photography “of the ordinary landscape” has primarily been for Guidi photography of the road, of the roadside, of what you see when you stop at the edge of the landscape, with one foot on the pavement and the other in that uncertain grass which is the frayed edge of the countryside.

Fondazione MAST


A Tile, Some Milk, a Machine and Logistics

Photographs of Emilia-Romagna at work


4 May – 11 September 2016


The exhibition shows the economic and landscape development in Emilia-Romagna since the turn of the millennium: the old structures of production are disappearing and new, cutting-edge technological processes and industries are emerging, traditional landscapes are confronted with new service zones.