David Jimenez


with the contribution of Oficina Cultural de la Embajada de España


Between the real and the imaginary a vast territory opens up, once any faith in a stable, objective reality in our time is abandoned. This project seeks to transcend any particular physical space and to recreate a fictional territory defined by abstract boundaries. Jiménez´s work has always been based on the intuition that what we call reality conceals a network of complex relationships beyond rational thought. His purpose is to metaphorically recreate this secret network of connections through a universe of images rich with hidden clues. 


In Aura, the deeper meaning of events is found outside narrative time and space, more closely approaching the sudden spark of the poetic, provoking the dissolution of literal references and inviting the viewer to construct a new syntax. To this end, Jiménez plays with the limits of perception, seeking a hypnotic effect, and a precise degree of ambiguity that promotes mutations of meaning, a sort of alchemical transformation. Verging on the edge of abstraction, Jiménez gradually eliminated as many elements as possible, leaving only what is essential and generating an always present ambiguity which makes us wonder whether we’re seeing or imagining.


One of the fundamental aspects of the project is the resonance among the images themselves, especially the alliance between pairs of pictures which, more that comprising a diptych, give rise to a new image produced by the integrated sum of their parts. These encounters generates a spark, when the contact between two fragments of reality end up forming in some cases a single image, composed of diverse parts whose sum total seems impossible, however truthful from an oneiric point of view.

David Jiménez is an artist photographer born in Seville (Spain) in 1970 and currently based in Madrid.

His works, in the form of books, exhibits and audiovisual screenings, have been shown in numerous venues including the Nederlands Foto Instituut of Rotterdam, the Rencontres d´Arles, the Galerie VU in Paris, the Seoul Photo Festival, the Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá and the Changjiang International Photography and Video Biennale in China among many others.


He had his first anthological exhibition, UNIVERSOS, at PHotoEspaña 2019 festival in Sala Canal de Isabel II, Madrid, and in 2020 at the Museo Universidad de Navarra. He won the award for Best New Photographer at PHotoEspaña 99 and the Arts Award of the city of Madrid in 2008, was finalist of the Prix Elysée 2016-18 and resident artist in the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome in 2016-17. To date, he has published seven monographic books, among them Infinito (1st edition 2000, 2nd edition 2018), considered one of Spain’s most influential photobooks in recent decades. He also published Versus in 2014, Aura in 2018 and Universos in 2019. His work is part of numerous public and private collections, such as Fundación MAPFRE Art Collections, the CA2M Art Center and the DKV Art Collection. He regularly delivers workshops and lectures on the creative process in Photography.

exhibition venue

Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
Reggio Emilia



May 22nd to July 4th
Friday, Saturday and Sunday › 10am-8pm

Special openings
May 21st › 4 pm - 8 pm
June 2nd › 10am-8pm
June 18th and 19th › 10am-10pm

Chiostri di San Pietro