Giovanni Chiaramonte

Towards Jerusalem

in collaboraton with Diocesi di Reggio Emilia e Guastalla


The exhibition is composed by two sections: the first in the Cathedral’s Battistero is the photographer’s a quest to find his destiny, from his mother’s grave through the places where the history of the West took shape – Athens, Rome, Berlin, the ruins left by totalitarianism and the wars of the 20th century – culminating in the Holocaust, represented by the memorial in Miami.

The second part, Jerusalem, is displayed in San Nicolò.

Antonio Sichera writes that, in line with Walter Benjamin’s legacy, Chiaramonte’s starting point is “to remain within romantic modernity and its consequences, impressing upon the aesthetic experience a curvature, an internal tension which, while it continues to remain within, to adhere faithfully to its history, attempts to pierce it in the direction of a messianic time”.

For Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, “going through the images of Jerusalem, we can find other clues too: first of all, people, common people, locals and tourists busy interacting, reading or embracing… each photo is a tool of meditation; each photo is an index. It invites the gaze towards a direction, whether a window to the sky… or a street off the Via Dolorosa with shop-fronts shut and light falling from above. Everywhere we find the same dimension – temporal as well as spatial – of waiting; a space waiting for an event”.

The poet Umberto Fiori wrote 14 compositions. Gerusalemme. Descritture dalle immagini di Giovanni Chiaramonte (Jerusalem. Descriptions from the images of Giovanni Chiaramonte):

“The world is here,

perfectly disappeared.

The sky supports an arch;

the arch, above,

more sky”.

Giovanni Chiaramonte was born in 1948. His work is grounded in the theological and aesthetic tradition of R. Guardini, H.U. von Balthasar and of the Eastern Church encountered in the works of P. Evdokimov, O. Clément, A. Tarkovskij and has as central theme the relationship between place and destiny in Western society.

Among his works: Giardini e paesaggi, 1983, Terra del ritorno, 1989, Penisola delle figure, 1993, Westwards, 1996/2013, Milano. Cerchi della città di mezzo, 2000, In corso d’opera, 2000, Pellegrinaggi occidentali, 2000, Frammenti dalla Rocca, 2002, Abitare il mondo. EuropE, 2004, Attraverso la pianura, 2005, Senza foce, 2005, Come un enigma_Venezia, 2006, Nascosto in prospettiva, 2007, In Berlin, 2009, L’altro_Nei volti nei luoghi, 2010, Via Fausta, 2012, Interno perduto, 2012, Jerusalem_Figure della Promessa, 2014, Ultima Sicilia, 2016, La misura dell’Occidente_Viaggio nella rappresentazione (G. Chiaramonte/A. Siza), 2018, Salvare l’ora, 2018.

He has founded and directed Photography series for Jaca Book, Federico Motta Editore, S.E.I., Edizioni della Meridicana, Ultreya/Itaca.

He lectures on History and Theory of Photography at IULM in Milan.

SATURDAY, APRIL 13th › 11 am

Guided tour with Giovanni Chiaramonte


SATURDAY, MAY 18th › 16 pm

Guided tour

exhibition venue

Chiostri di San Nicolò
via San Nicolò 5
Battistero della Cattedrale
Piazza Prampolini
Reggio Emilia



opening days
April 12th › 7pm - 11pm
April 13th › 10am - 11pm
April 14th › 10 am - 8pm

April 20th to June 9th
Saturday and Sunday › 10am-7pm

Battistero/ San Nicolò