Vincenzo Castella


curated by Walter Guadagnini


The spirit of my work is that of looking at and of thinking about certain moments of representing the plant world and of the presence of botany in the history of art, and of observing the various moments when images are formed by concentrating attention exclusively on the final form of the work. To think of the world of “nature” in a collective and cultural way and not as an individual operation for redemption and privilege in order to compensate for political and ideological deficiencies.

Vincenzo Castella (Naples 1952) lives and works in Milan. The artist has used colour photography since 1975 and in 1998, he began his series about buildings in which he undertakes visual narratives dealing with the complexity of the fabric and the interactions of cities; these are in the form of large and extremely large colour prints. His interest is in the concepts of distance and dislocation. Since 2006 he has constructed video installations derived from large photographic negatives: Cronache da Milano, realised in 2007/2008 and presented at Art Unlimited – Basel 2009 with Studio la Città. In 2009 he created About Town, related to Amsterdam. The various photographic analyses give us an unambiguous overview of the relationships between the visible and invisible in city life, suggesting a visual re-editing of the complexity of the fabric and interactions of cities. His work has been presented in European institutional venues (among which Mont Majour Abbey – Arles, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation – Guarene, Villa Manin Museum – Passariano). Five photographs from the series Layers from Malta were acquired by Tate Collection. His works have been exhibited in important exhibitions such as: Innesti – Grafting, 14th International Architecture Exhibition – Venice Biennale (2014), Intuition, at Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2017), Studio eine Phantastik at the Shedhalle in Zurich (2018).

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