INTER-VIEW / Aterballetto Performance

Interview: Emanuele e Clément


first study for a performance between an Aterballetto dancer and a Paralympic fencer


Curated by Fondazione Nazionale della Danza /Aterballetto

In collaboration with Reggio Emilia Città senza Barriere and La Polveriera
With the support of Gruppo Credem



Choreographer Diego Tortelli

Interpreters Clément Haenen and Emanuele Lambertini

Performance linked to the exhibition Crack by Jacopo Benassi

The collaboration between Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto and Fondazione Palazzo Magnani/ Fotografia Europea is configured this year as a research project around different shades of physicality.

If Jacopo Benassi, the photographer to whom the exhibition hosting the performance is dedicated, seems to press the accelerator on the merciless decadence lurking both for the human body and for the artificial one (like that of an ancient statue), the choreographer Diego Tortelli (who worked for three years in Reggio Emilia with Fondazione Nazionale della Danza) is interested in the extraordinary articulation and richness of the concepts of “virtuosity” and “beauty”. Naturally open to the disabled body, “imperfect” according to traditional canons, and instead often the bearer of a color or an emotion that is completely unattainable while being entrenched in the bastion of normality.


Chiostri di San Pietro

Via Emilia S.Pietro 44/c

Reggio Emilia




Saturday, April 13th › 7, 8 ,9 pm

Sunday, April 14th › 5, 6, 7 pm


Full price: 3 €

Reduced: 2 € with FE ticket


INFO and booking

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