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In some way you become political when you don’t have a chance to be poetic

Lorenzo Tricoli


To dive into Lorenzo Tricoli’s universe, and into the spirit of the open work The Archive You Deserve – T.A.Y.D., the author, a master of playful irreverence and politically incorrectness, guides us through some necessary premises:

1. Do not believe the news.

2. If you are not angry what kind of person are you? (Ken Loach)

3. People have the power. (Patti Smith)

4. The poor are always right. (Goffredo Parise)


Concerned with the tragicomic Italian history, with pain and human suffering, as well as the mysterious relationship between photography and words, Tricoli initiated a long and unprecedented research that developed into the archive-work The Archive You Deserve (T.A.Y.D.). Taking the form of an open-end archive, that accumulates, catalogues and remixes photographs, newspaper clippings, books, magazines and other documents of various nature that were collected over a period of several years, T.A.Y.D. is constantly evolving like an organism, while new material is added and reassembled in temporary installations or books. This archive is presented by the author with its very specific personality: “it is angry, it firmly believes in mankind and is compassionate”. However, “like the virtual archive of the Internet, it remains impalpable and evanescent”, representing “a delirious and ever-changing version of recent Italian history, based on actual documents”.


At the same time, The Archive You Deserve (T.A.Y.D.) is also a mother-work that generates various specific projects, some still unpublished, such as Bunga Bunga, Barricades Will Increase Your Happiness and (Other) Adventures of Pinocchio.


Lorenzo Tricoli’s exhibition is the first since his sad passing away in February 2017 and presents his most subversive projects. The exhibition is curated by the photo-literary platform Photocaptionist, directed by Federica Chiocchetti, in collaboration with the artist’s daughter, Mariasole Tricoli, Annalisa Brioschi and the head of the photographic archive of the Panizzi Library, Laura Gasparini.

To introduce himself, Lorenzo Tricoli (1965-2017) would say: “I was born in Milan in 1965; it was August 10th, the night of shooting stars, Saint Lawrence’s. I was given a mission: to inspire others through art. And I do that with passion and care”. After a childhood filled with unforgettable eccentric encounters, like the one with Andy Warhol, thanks to her mother, well-known fashion journalist Anna Riva, Lorenzo decides to study photography at the ICP in New York. He also takes part to workshops with Richard Avedon, and then returns to Italy to work as an independent photographer. Specializing in the field of fashion and design, he creates advertising campaigns for well-known designers and collaborates with the most important magazines in the industry. At the same time, inspired by the meetings with international artists that frequent MiCamera bookstore and gallery in Milan, such as Mark Steinmetz and Paul Kooiker, Lorenzo develops a personal research, full of subversive irony and subtle denunciations. He then presents his first artistic projects. Where Is The Pope? is an unbound artist book on people waiting for Benedict XVI’s ‘popemobile’ to pass by in June 2012, when Milan hosted a number of events the Pope had to attend. In Support Your Locals, he examines the gentrification process of the Isola district of Milan, with an exhibition in an abandoned newsstand and four issues of a free publication dedicated to specific themes, such as nature, night and snow, that Lorenzo distributes for free to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Over the years his work has become increasingly conceptual and grounded on ‘appropriation’, inspired by the likes of John Baldessari and the duo Broomberg & Chanarin. This is the beginning of his open-end oeuvre, the irreverent and ever-changing archive on the tragicomic history of the Belpaese, The Archive You Deserve, which in turn generates temporary installations and artist’s books like Bunga Bunga (2014) and (Other) Adventures of Pinocchio (2016). Sadly, Lorenzo suddenly passes away in February 2017, leaving us with a complex archive full of unpublished and unfinished projects, all yet to be explored. We can only hope that the Lorenzo Tricoli Archive will end up in the good hands of an institution that can catalog and valorize it with exhibitions and publications.

6:00 pm
Guided tour with Federica Chiocchetti and Laura Gasparini 


Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio 10:30 am
The work of Lorenzo Tricoli: irriverence, humor and politically incorrect
with Federica Chiocchetti, Emiliano Biondelli, Lina Pallotta e Giulia Zorzi


Villa Zironi
viale Timavo, 18/a (angolo via della Racchetta)
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