Clément Cogitore

Clément Cogitore. Braguino ou la communauté impossible


Curators Diane Dufour and Léa Bismuth
Exhibition produced by LE BAL as part of the LE BAL de la Jeune Création award with ADAGP


In 2016 Clément Cogitore travels to Braguino, named after the family living in some wooden shacks dispersed in the deep Siberian taiga, 700 km away from any human presence. With this gesture, he wishes to uncover the mystery of Sasha Bragin’s choice; he is a man from a community of Old Believers, who decided to move to that place with his family more than thirty years ago, chasing the hope of living in peace, in complete autarky, and to build a self-sufficient model of life.

Very quickly, however, this paradise becomes the background of an open conflict between two families unable to share the same space. The failure of this would-be community will be at the center of Clément Cogitore’s cinematographic, photographic and sound work.


Submerged in darkness, this installation takes the visitor to the heart of a narrative by visual scenes, in which each and every film fragment reveals a part of the story, in a unit of time, place and action: the arrival in Braguino by helicopter, Sasha’s dream, the bear hunt, the mysterious island where children go to be alone, ending with the increasing intensity of the threat of an armed conflict. All of this propels us into a darkening world, as suggested by the large, bright photographs with opaque tones that enclose our path.


Using the challenging elements of archaic storytelling, which evokes the conflictual creation of the great myths, Braguino narrates the experience of a double impossibility: we can’t flee nor stay, that is, we can’t come to terms with the Other, the cursed part in ourselves. Clément Cogitore goes beyond a simple ethnographic study: he introduces us to a cruel story “revealing a moment in which our civilization lost its balance“. If this world is doomed to disappear, what does this disappearance mean?


Braguino is not only a movie: it is an interdisciplinary artistic project that combines cinema, photography and video. It took the form of an immersive installation, a film and a book


Born in 1983 in Colmar, Clement Cogitore lives and works between Paris and Strasbourg.

After studying at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, and at the Fresnoy-National Studio of Contemporary Arts Clément Cogitore develope an artistic practice halfway between cinema and contemporary art. Combining film, video, installations and photographs his work questions the modalities of cohabitation of men with their images.


There is often question of ritual, collective memory, figuration of the sacred as well as a particular idea of the permeability of the worlds.


His films have been selected for numerous international festivals (Cannes, Locarno, Lisbon, Montréal…) and won several awards. His work has also been screened or presented in various museums (Palais de Tokyo Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Haus der Kultur der Welt, Berlin, Museum of fine arts, Boston, MoMA New-York…).


In 2011 he was awarded by the Grand prix du Salon de Montrouge for contemporary art and in 2012 was resident of the Villa Medici, French Academy in Rome-Villa Medici. In 2015, his first feature film “Ni le ciel Ni la terre” (“The Wakhan Front”/”Neither heaven nor earth”) was selected at the Cannes international film festival – Critic’s week, awarded by the Fondation Gan, acclaimed by critic and nominated for the best first french film. The same year he won the Prize BAL for contemporary art. In 2016 he won the Prize Science Po for contemporary art and the 18th Prize Fondation d’entreprise Ricard for contemporary art.


Public collections : Centre Georges Pompidou – Museum national of modern and contemporary art Paris, FNAC Fond national d’art contemporain, FRAC Fond régional d’art contemporain Alsace, Aquitaine, FMAC Fond municipal d’art contemporain de la ville de Paris, Daimmler Art Collection Stuttgart/Berlin, Museum of modern and contemporary art – Strasbourg.

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