curated by Daniele De Luigi

works selected by Daniele De Luigi / Carine Dolek / Michael Weir


Since the last decade, we have witnessed a contagious, wide use of archive photos in contemporary art, a practice consolidated in recent years as more and more pre-existing documents are integrated into newly-produced images, thanks to how these resources are easily available and accessible. As time turns into a loop, past photographs redefine our present, while present photographs re-interpret our past and imagine our future. All together, these images end up feeding into a huge archive, which in turn shapes a new form of knowledge that is no longer rigidly organized, but open and fluid. The idea that an old photograph constitutes an unfathomable mystery, turns into a desire to give it new life in a subjective, sometimes consciously arbitrary way, marking the decline of the conviction that photographic images are signs that can only be decoded in one way.

Daniele De Luigi

Paolo Ciregia
Giorgio De Vecchi
Francesco Levy
Maria Paolini
Claudia Petraroli
Marco Maria Zanin
Alba Zari


Palazzo dei Musei – 11am


Guided tour with Daniele De Luigi and Michael Weir

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Palazzo dei Musei
via Spallanzani, 1
42121 Reggio Emilia



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Palazzo dei Musei