It’s already the 7th edition of Circulation(s) festival, which is still the only festival presenting Young European Photographers while creating a photographic dialogue about Europe.

European photographers focused festival is organised by Fetart, a non profil organisation created in 2005 that wishes to connect and federate with partners having the same aim: to help young photographers enter the labour market and exhibit an innovative contemporary artistic production.

The programme is also based on two invited structures, an Estonian gallery and a photo school located in Arles. The director of Thessaloniki museum of photography, Hercules Papaioannou, has been entrusted with the carte blanche.

For the first time, Circulation(s) festival organises an outside exhibition at Hôtel-Fontfreyde in Clermont-Ferrand. This collaboration was born in a shared appetence: our passion for contemporary photograph and our will to present young talented artists to the public.

The exhibition presents the work of about 51 photographers, and pedagogical activities (conferences, guided visits with the artists, dramatised guided visits) and workshops (portfolio readings, presentation of some of some the best photo school in Europe) will be organized for the general public and young photographers.

Enjoy – Marion Hislen – Festival’s director

Abellan Juan Manuel, Intruder, Spain
Amaral Michel & Barthes Audrey, S’il vous plaît….. Dessine-moi un œuf!, France
Argyriadis Kostis, Oxymoron, Greece
Autio Miia, Variation of white, Finland
Banderet Joseph, Feux, France
Bastianini Ludovica, In your place, Italy
Benaïnous Johanna & Parra Elsa, A couple of them, France
Ben Hayoun Laura, Deliver, France
Bonifacino Jef, West Horizons, France
Borzoni Michele, Looking for a job, Italy
Bretin Frédérique, Je suis morte à Auschwitz et personne ne le voit, France
Broujean Anna, The Shanghai Chronicles, France
Canevascini Arunà, Villa Argentina, Switzerland
Cieslikiewicz Jan, Null hypothesis, Poland
De Wilde Sanne, The island of the colorblind, Belgium
Errichiello Martin et Menichetti Filippo, In quarta persona, Italy
Faingnaert Kevin, Catch, Belgium
Fichard Kate, Scarecrows, France
Fohlen Corentin, Lumane casimir, France
Franco Tim, Metamorpolis, France/Poland
Fromont Bérangère, I don’t want to disappear completly, France
Fouqueré Anna, Hand Made Cigars, France
Gesicka Weronika, Traces, Poland
Hamad Sonja, “Jin – Jiyan – Azadi” (Women, Life, Freedom), Germany
Harbali Poline, Le Damas des autres, France
Ivin Sam, Lingering ghosts, United Kingdom
Kloss Thiemo, Dark blue, Germany
Knox Alan, Universal sympathy, Scotland/United Kingdom
Koublis Petros, In landscapes, Greece
Landi Federica, Spectrum, Italy
Laurila Milja, In their own voice, Finland
Maslov Sasha, Veterans:Faces of World War II, Ukraine
Matton Louis, Objets Autonomes (Notre-Dames-des-Landes), France
Mölder Krista, YOU/BLUE, Estonia
Moquin Leslie, Hasta Abajo!, France
Moroni Marie, IBABA, France
Oberndorfer Markus, Revisited, Austria
Pantelidis Yiannis, Nothing personal, Greece
Papadakis Thodoris, Home again, Greece
Rakoš Mafalda, I want to disappear, Austria
Rime Marie, Cimiers – Symétrie de pouvoir, Switzerland
Rogalska Oliwia, Medulla, Poland
Scherrer Camille, La Guignette, Switzerland
Shi Zhen, Kwei yih, China/France
Silvestri Aida, Even this will pass, United Kingdom
Taufenbach Edouard, CINÉMA: histoires domestiques, France
Topakian Rebecca, Infra-, France
Viir Sigrid, Awful pretty pipe neck, Estonia
Winter Stéphane, die Winter, Switzerland
Wojciechowska Wiktoria, Sparks, Poland
Zwick Mathias, Une poussée vers l’Ouest, France

Exhibition Venue

Palazzo dei Musei
via Spallanzani, 1
42121 Reggio Emilia



inaugural days
May 5 › 7am-11pm
May 6 and 7 › 10am-11pm
from May 12 to July 9
Saturday and Sunday
10am-1pm / 4pm-7pm
special opening
June 2 › 10am-11pm

Palazzo dei Musei