Speciale 18/25 I cieli in una stanza

The skies in a room


curated by Giorgio Barrera, Pietro Iori, Diego Zuelli


This year’s edition of Speciale Diciottoventicinque will feature three new tutors: Giorgio Barrera and Pietro Iori for photography, and Diego Zuelli for the video section, a new addition this year.

Right from the start, the master teachers stimulated the young artists to tackle the most contemporary variations of these visual disciplines. It was necessary to make a mapping of the participants to understand their possibilities and their expectations, with the specification that they would work together to carry out a collective work.


The installation of the exhibition, markedly different from those of the past years, though highlighting the individualities of each participant, aims to reveal a chorus of voices that first observe and reflect and then speak to us of a territory.


The exhibition is completed by big photowalls placed in the shopping centre Galleria I Petali.


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Centro Commerciale I Petali

pl. Atleti Azzurri D’Italia, 5
42122 Reggio Emilia



Bonazzi Norma, Borghi Elisa, Camminati Gabriele, Capelli Matilde, Cavatorti Federica, D’Silva Chiara, Gargiulo Marco, Grossi Elena, Lacavalla Rosa, Lo Valvo Noemi, Mantovani Francesca, Martello Simona, Martinelli Caterina, Montagnani Luca, Orlandini Elisabetta, Pecchini Giulia, Rolih Simone, Rubini Arianna, Vascelli Eleonora,Verdone Simona



Basenghi Irene, Bianco Sabrina, Bocchi Valentina, Bonazzi Chiara, Bychkova Kristina, Cabassi Tommaso, Dallari Katia, Favia Filippo, Fieni Stefania, Gradellini Alex, Loria Maria Elena, Lozzi Claudia, Ramacogi Niccolò, Rizzuti Chiara Francesca, Sitti Ludovica, Zaniboni Silvia, Zinani Irene



Cantiello Francesca, Carrea Giuseppe, Giorgio Annalisa, Macioce Silvia, Nizzoli Giorgio, Raia Giuseppe, Saggion Simona, Tahiraj Klein, Teggi Matilde, Vetrano Gianmarco, Zoboli Debora


Giorgio Barrera is an artist who works with photography and video whose research explores the possibility that photography can still tell us something about reality and subjectivity. His projects seek to discover hidden meanings that through the viewing can lead to a deeper understanding of the content of the images. Barrera has won a number of important awards, including the Baume & Mercier, Canon, Sony, and FNAC prizes. His work has been featured in monographs and various publications, and can be found in a number of public and private collections. He has collaborated with various Italian Cultural Institutes and his work has been exhibited internationally. He recently completed two texts, one theoretical and the other a series of visual stories, both soon to be published. Barrera is one of the founders of fotoromanzoitaliano.it, an artistic project on the use of images. Alongside his artistic research, he also works as a teacher and lecturer. He lives in Milan.


Pietro Iori was born in 1973 in Reggio Emilia, where he lives and works. In his work, each material used – graphics, photography, video, sculpture – is decontextualised to acquire new conceptual connotations. Since graduating from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in 1998, he has taken part in solo and group exhibitions, collaborating with public and private organisations. In 2004 he exhibited at White Box in Munich and the same year he worked as an assistant to Sol LeWitt on the creation of Whirls and Twirls 1. The main exhibitions of his work include Contro-evento, Museo del Mare, Genoa, 2006; Il pittore e il pesce, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, 2008; Il viaggiatore assente, Bonioni Arte, Reggio Emilia, 2009; Intimate Travel, Scavi Scaligeri, Verona, 2010; Dans l’atelier du photographe, Musée Bourdelle, Paris, 2012, curated by Anne Cartier-Bresson; 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia, Venice 2013; and I have a dream, Palazzo Reale, Milan 2014, curated by Melissa Proietti and Raffaella A. Caruso.


Diego Zuelli (born in Reggio Emilia, 1979) has worked with the tools of video and computer graphics since the early years of the 2000s. He teaches digital animation and 3D computer graphics for private institutions and at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. In addition to various screenings of his videos in Italy and other countries in Europe, his video art includes a special project in 2015 for Contemporary Locus in Bergamo, a solo exhibition Il complesso dei pianeti at Interno4, Bologna in 2013, non c’è suspance, né morale, né cause ed effetti, Betta Frigieri, Modena, curated by Luca Panaro in 2010, Diversa proiezione, Bologna, Galleria Studio G7 in 2009, and in 2007 Prospettive Temporali, Sassuolo (Modena) curated by Marinella Paderni.


8 May, 4 pm, Chiostri di San Pietro

I cieli in una stanza. Guided tour with the curators Giorgio Barrera, Pietro Iori, Diego Zuelli


Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
42121 Reggio Emilia



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Chiostri di San Pietro