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In chemistry the process of synthesis commonly refers to the combination of parts or elements, so as to form a whole. Similarly Sintesi SS9 is for Vitturi a process of collection and assembling of fragments sourced along the entire Via Emilia, in the attempt to grasp the visual essence the area.
The observation of the street and the study of Ghirri’s work have been fundamental in shaping Vitturi’s practice. However Ghirri’s influence isn’t applied in its formal sense, partly due to the radical change of the context in which Ghirri used to operate: whereas he worked in a period of industrial development, Vitturi witnesses the effects of its decline, including closure and abandonment of industrial sheds and the arrival of new communities.

Instead of adopting Ghirri’s objective photographic approach, Vitturi employs his way of seeing: it is the intelligent observation, moving beyond the gaze, that makes Ghirri’s photographs able to present an ordinary and everyday environment, in an entirely different way.

Vitturi then observes the area, applying his multidisciplinary method which combines photography, sculpture, and assemblage, in the attempt to deconstruct a complex reality and make it visible through its materials and shapes.
In Sintesi SS9 Vitturi didn’t focus on a precise portion of the Via Emilia but explored the entire route, identifying its most iconic elements. During his exploration Vitturi persistently encounters architectural details such as the industrial shed and retail buildings and he presents them in fragments or in their entirety in his compositions. Most of the materials visible in the still life are sourced in these buildings: fabrics, plastic sheets, industrial debris as well as organic locally produced goods. Observing these materials gives a clear picture of the changes occurred in the area, and so Vitturi combines them together to show the complex nature of the Via Emilia.


Lorenzo Vitturi’s project is part of the group exhibition 2016. Nuove esplorazioni,  curated by Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli and Walter Guadagnini.

2016. Nuove Esplorazioni

The exhibition originates and develops in relation to Explorations along the Via Emilia (1986), with the aim to describe how the Via Emilia has changed over the last thirty years and how the way of representing it has changed too.

For this research, the festival commissioned seven contemporary authors representing a new generation: Alain Bublex, Stefano Graziani, Antonio Rovaldi, Sebastian Stumpf, Davide Tranchina, Paolo Ventura, and Lorenzo Vitturi. Their task was to give an account of the Via Emilia today.


Lorenzo Vitturi (b. 1980, Italy) is a photographer and sculptor based in London.

Formerly a cinema set painter, Vitturi has brought this experience into his photographic practice, which revolves around site-specific interventions at the intersection of photography, sculpture and performance. In Vitturi’s process, photography in conceived as a space of transformation, where different disciplines merge together to represent an increasingly complex urban reality. In 2013, Vitturi released his first photo book: Dalston Anatomy. The book went on to be shortlisted for both Aperture and Mack’s First Book Awards and was named among the best books of the year by Martin Parr, Erik Kessels, Alec Soth, The New York Times, The Guardian and more. Vitturi has had a solo show at Foam and two live performances at Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam.

Vitturi’s latest exhibitions have taken place at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, at Yossi Milo Gallery in New York, at Contact Gallery in Toronto and at the CNA in Luxembourg. Vitturi also participated in group exhibitions at Maxxi in Rome, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, La Triennale in Milan, the Shanghai Art Museum


7 May 10.30 am, Teatro Cavallerizza

2016. New explorations

Diane Dufour, Elio Grazioli and Walter Guadagnini talk with Alain Bublex, Stefano Graziani, Antonio Rovaldi, Sebastian Stumpf, Davide Tranchina, Paolo Ventura, Lorenzo Vitturi

booksigning to follow


8 May 2 pm, Chiostri di San Pietro

ASK THE ARTIST: 2016. New explorations

The artists Alain Bublex, Stefano Graziani, Antonio Rovaldi, Sebastian Stumpf, Davide Tranchina, Paolo Ventura, Lorenzo Vitturi, will answer at questions by public


25 June, 6.30 pm, Chiostri di San Pietro 

2016. New explorations guided tour with the curator Elio Grazioli


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