Giuliano Ferrari

Grand Tour

The journey through time of iPhoneography

Giuliano Ferrari presents his research on the theme of the Grand Tour, the long journey through Italy undertaken in the past to become educated about antiquity, Renaissance painting, and the landscape.

His journey, as well, had a long duration – both temporal and conceptual – because it was the result of many years of experience in photojournalism and represents a response to the technological modification of photography. In fact, the project comprises digital photographs taken with an iPhone with limited post-production, examining the metamorphosis in the social use of photography with this device that has become so familiar to everyone, even those who have never used a regular camera.

In this way, Ferrari’s journey is no longer an itinerary within a geographical and historical setting but a journey inside himself in search of his own cognitive and emotional roots; it is an attempt to recompose into a unity the fragments of experiences accumulated over time, and a reflection on his own capacity to create a long narrative. It proceeds primarily in a dual manner, by images facing each other and interconnected by variable links: topographic, temporal, visual, mnemonic, or psychological. In this way his story is situated on a new step in the history of photography, which is no longer “writing with light” but has become the “re-imagining” of reality, or its interpretation via the digital image.


Massimo Mussini


Giuliano Ferrari (born in Reggio Emilia, 1962)

Alongside his everyday work, Giuliano Ferrari carries out research dedicated to the land and people of Emilia. He conducts photography courses, primarily on photojournalism and on the dynamics of photographic storytelling. In 1994 he published his first book, Biciclette, followed in 1995 by I giorni del Grande Fiume on the Po River flood of 1994. In 1996 he published a photographic documentary on a man suffering from cancer in the book Caro Guido. In 1998 he created Luoghi Comuni, on the relationship between place and user inside public spaces. In 2003 he embarked on a fantasy story project, combining traditional and digital photographic techniques in the book Canossa.

In 2011 Photo Word, the most important Chinese photography magazine, dedicated several pages to Ferrari, and the following year his work was exhibited at the Xinhua Gallery in Beijing. In 2015 Gente di Fotografia published his book Grand Tour, dedicated to the Italian landscape between iconographic stereotypes and new languages.


8 May 5 pm, Galleria Parmeggiani

Grand Tour. Guided tour with Giuliano Ferrari


29 May 5 pm, Galleria Parmeggiani

Grand Tour. Guided tour with Giuliano Ferrari


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