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Vicino a noi


a production by Comitato di Reggio Emilia della Croce Rossa Italiana for Fotografia Europea


If I were to think like a child thinks, the volunteers of the Red Cross might seem to me to be real superheroes, with their reflective red uniforms all full of pockets.

There are the men, tall and burly, sturdy, strong, that give you a sense of security, but also lean and small-built, who almost disappear in their uniform, who move around quickly. There are the women, who assist you, who take care of you, who stay by your side. Young, less young, elderly, all of them together for us. The volunteers certainly don’t see themselves at all as superheroes but as ordinary people, who do not want to stand out, who stay behind the scenes, who intervene only when it is necessary and disappear soon thereafter into their everyday clothes, their jobs, their private lives.
I think the word “hero” is often used in a way that is inappropriate and out of place, and then, as we necessarily have to think like adults, we see in these people a natural energy, nourished by friendships, by living together and by affection, that arises spontaneously from the need to be together and by the desire to do something for others.
Then there is us, all of us, who every now and then need help, though we would never wish it, it sometimes happens, to be in trouble, to need someone to come to our aid, to save us, but also just a person who talks to us, who consoles us, who spends a bit of their time with us, even if they don’t know us, even if their lives are very distant from ours.


Fabio Boni (born in Reggio Emilia, 1965) dedicates particular attention to portrait photography and social photography, producing research in Italy and abroad since the early 1990s.
Engaged in investigating the human face from a social-psychological perspective, he debuted in 1993 with Volti, a work dedicated to children and the elderly, the extreme poles of life and of the way of being of our face over time. Today these photographs take on a symbolic meaning, in that Boni has subsequently photographed a vast array of social types and ages, from old and middle-aged people to refugees, families, communities in celebration, workers in various professional spheres, and to the most diverse people in their way of inhabiting the home, without making a distinction between natives and immigrants, and from circus people to adolescents. For many years, alongside his photography activity, Boni has taught courses and workshops at a number of schools. He lives and works in Reggio Emilia.


8 May, 11 am, Palazzo dei Musei

Vicino a noi. Guided tour with Fabio Boni


22 May, 5 pm, Palazzo dei Musei

Vicino a noi. Guided tour with Fabio Boni


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