Myriam Meloni

Nelle giornate chiare si vede Europa (ON A CLEAR DAY, YOU CAN SEE EUROPE)


Myriam Meloni was invited by the artistic direction of the festival to realise the commission for the 2023 edition.
from the artistic direction on the outcomes of the Erasmus project, the photographer was inspired by the myth of Europa as narrated by Ovid. Myriam Meloni builds a portrait of contemporary ‘Europas’: young, autonomous, professional women, the finest outcome of the twentieth century and the Erasmus project, a fruitful preparation in travelling and meeting others.


Currently all at home in Tangier, a strategic meeting point between Africa and Europe, with their professionalism and openness, they are carrying out a velvet revolution, taking root in the communities that welcome them while continuing to embody the values of their origins. The images are the restitution of a path completed, a constellation of potential, inviting us to adopt a new critical perspective on cultural contamination, emphasising the dialogue woven by these young women who from the shore, on clear days, look towards their Europe.


A reflection on European Identity, through the eyes of the so-called Children of Erasmus who have crossed the borders of Europe.


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Myriam Meloni is a French-Italian photographer who lives between Tangier and Barcelona. A law graduate specialising in criminology, her research focuses on contemporary social issues, which she approaches with an intimate and poetic language.


In 2020, thanks to a commission from Barcelona City Council, she published her first photographic book Linde: an analysis of the social fabric of four suburban areas of the city with a focus on the relationship between humans and the surrounding urban landscape. Over recent years, Meloni has combined her personal photographic projects with multiple collaboration projects carried out with foundations, NGOs and international publications.


Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals such as the BNF in Paris, Galerie Huit in Arles, Photo España in Madrid, ART BASEL in Miami and Somerset House in London. Her research now focuses on Morocco, where she analyses the asymmetries of neo-colonial relations between Europe and North Africa.

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