Mónica de Miranda

The Island 

The Island is centred on the recognition of African histories and cultures in their autonomy and diversity. It dismantles prejudices that have taken root in Portuguese society, giving value and respect to the active and dynamic participation of men and women of African origin who have lived and continue to live in Portugal, and whose achievements and contributions are central to the histories of the places in which they are integrated today. From a female biographical point of view, it weaves toigether several stories that challenge patriarchal narrative conventions.


The series questions standard notions of identity based on categories of race and gender, through a counter-narrative constructed by complex and intersecting biographies.


The Island is situated outside the Eurocentric gaze, being developed from a black feminist perspective, and implementing through its narrative the operation of the oppositional gaze (bell hooks) in which stereotypical representations of gender and race are deconstructed.


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Mónica de Miranda is an Angolan/ Portuguese visual artist, photographer, filmmaker, and researcher. De Miranda’s work is research-based and looks at the convergence of politics, gender, memory and space. Her works typically consist of video, photography and installation and in its expanded forms and on the boundaries between fiction and documentary.


Her work has been show in biennales such as the Berlin Biennial of Contemporary Art (2022), Bamako Encounters – African Biennale of Photography (Mali, 2015-22), African Cosmologies – Houston Fotofest (USA, 2020-2), Taxidermy of the Future – Biennale de Lubumbashi (DRC, 2019), Thinking about possible futures – Biennale del Sur (Argentina, 2021), OFF Biennial Budapest (Hungary, 2021), Dakar Biennial (Senegal, 2016), Addis Foto Fest (Ethiopia, 2016) 14th Biennial of Architecture Venice (Italy, 2014), among many others; collective exhibitions – among which is noted “Europa Oxalá” –  Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (France, Portugal, Belgium, 2021-2023); and individual exhibitions – “The Island” – Autograph London (UK, 2022), “Construir o Tempo” – Camões Cultural Center in Luanda (Angola, 2022), “Mirages and Deep Time” – Municipal Galleries Lisbon (Portugal, 2022), “no longer with the memory but with its future”  Oratorio di San Ludovico by Nuova Icona (Biennale of Venice, Italy 2022), “Panorama” – Tyburn Gallery, London (UK, 2017), “Hotel Globo” – National Museum of Contemporary Art Chiado, Lisbon (Portugal, 2015).

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