Soham Gupta



“In history as in nature, decay is the laboratory of life”   Karl Marx


Eden is about a fictive ghost-town swallowed by nature, which evokes a Macondo-like feeling. Nothing I’ve read greatly captures the tragic sense of a city regressing back to nature as vividly as Marquez’s masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude.


I am interested in creating dystopian worlds – imaginary, stemming from my mind. Imagining an apocalypse, my work takes one through a spiritual narrative hinting at India’s troubled colonial past, the nature-swallowed landscape and dying, rotting, ghostly characters lurking in this world.


Furthermore, my work is also about how, as humans, we are slowly, irresponsibly going towards the end, towards our own extinction – and what awaits us – nature reabsorbing whatever that was ours; Eden thus hints at impermanence – which probably is the only truth upon this earth.

Based in Calcutta, Soham Gupta’s work constantly moves between the realm of documentary photography, art and the written word. He responds to themes of loneliness and isolation, of abuse and pain, of scarred pasts and uncertain futures, sexual tensions and existential dilemmas.


In 2018, Soham was selected by The British Journal of Photography as one of sixteen emerging photographers from more than 500 nominations made by a global panel of experts. In the same year, his book,  Angst, published by Akina Books, was shortlisted for the Les Prix du Livre: Photo and Text Book Award at Les Rencontres d’Arles and the Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation First Photobook Award.

He was one of the invited artists participating at the 58th La Biennale di Venezia curated by Ralph Rugoff in 2019.


Piazza Vittoria
Reggio Emilia


21 MAY - 4 JULY

open air