Piergiorgio Casotti & Emanuele Brutti


Curated by Fiorenza Pinna


The Gini Index is a statistical measure of inequality, also used to measure residential segregation. In the last decades racial segregation framework in US metropolitan area has has declined at some levels of geography (neighborhood-to-neighborhood) while increasing at other spatial scales (city- to-suburb or suburb-to-suburb).


In St Louis, for instance, ZIP codes matter. North of Delmar blvd, 95% black, life expectancy is 67. At a walking distance, a few hundreds yards south of Delmar Blvd, 70% white, a person has a life expectancy of 82. Silence, uncertainty, absence are the words that drive the project. It is on the subtle perception of (human) failure that this work is based around. The idea of a discontinuity between adjacent human spatial systems. As in a visual dialogue between Raymond Carver and Edward Hopper this work unfolds as a “theater of silence” play, made of an absence of characters and their peculiar stories, where things seen and narrated remain untold and suspended in time, in that specific moment of uncertainty, poised between something elusive that just happened, and whose consequences we are just able to perceive, or the exciting feeling that it will happen soon. A limbo filled with tensions and doubts. Nothing happens apparently, but the story takes place in the silence of lives.


Born 1972 in Italy and graduated with a degree in Economics. In his early career he started photographing in the fashion field and then, after a couple of years, he devoted himself intensively to documentary photography, committing to long term projects. His attraction for the dynamics of human beings and developing urban societies has lately brought him to Greenland, Mongolia and Sakhalin Islands. In the last years he started to use videos in the form of documentaries and as a way to complement and further develop the photographic language. His works has always something to do with himself. They are means to understand the world and himself at the same time, knowing his intimacy and facing his fears.



Born in 1984 in Verona. After living between Germany and Ireland he decided in 2013/2014 to attend a master in photojournalism at Luz Photo Agency in Milan. As a photographer he is particularly interested in long term projects focused on the relationship between social issues, people and their environment. His desire to cooperate with different artists brought him to fund in Verona Fonderia20.9 an artist-run space dealing with contemporary photography co-founded together with Chiara Bandino and Francesco Biasi. He currently works and lives in Verona.

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Chiostri di San Pietro
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Reggio Emilia


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May 22nd to July 4th
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Chiostri di San Pietro