Luca Manfredi


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“Incontri! Arte e persone” (Encounters! Art and people) develops from the project Reggio Città senza Barriere, Diritto alla Bellezza (Reggio City without Barriers, Right to beauty) that is based on the encounter between creativity and fragility, in the belief that this can generate new opportunities for social inclusion. It is included in the cultural planning of “Emilia 2020/2021. La cultura non starà al suo posto” (Culture will not stay in its place) of the Department of Culture – Cultural Services of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

“Incontri! Arte e persone” wants to involve artists, designers, photographers and creative people in the creation of original work based on the dialogue with people with fragility. The artist chosen for the new stage of the project is the photographer Luca Manfredi. Among other things, the idea is to use photography and the experience gained over the years by the Civic Museums in the field of contemporary art and in the hybridization of different languages, to generate a workshop that can provide new interpretation tools to its participants. The meetings, which take place at Palazzo dei Musei, give rise to new readings and personal visions stimulated by visits to the collections and by the photographer’s suggestions.


The actors involved are:  the photographer Luca Manfredi, the staff of the Civic Museums, an atelierista of “Nessuno Escluso” from the group of social-occupational centres of the Oscar Romero Consortium, a spokesperson for the Art Factory project and six people with special needs. The different professionals, with the special participation of Silvia Calderoni,  contribute to guaranteeing a diversified offer in their various fields of knowledge, together with unique experiences for the participants who are accompanied along an unforgettable emotional and educational path.

The workshop (October 2020 – May 2021) aims at constructing rooms, physical spaces, born from the encounter between the photographer, the collections of Palazzo dei Musei and the workshop participants. The rooms host the suggestions, thoughts, ideas, reflections and visions resulting from the long journey and act as a narrative device of personal experiences. The rooms are told through large-format shots on the white walls of Palazzo dei Musei.

Luca Manfredi 

Luca Manfredi was born in Grosseto and grew up in the Nomadelfia community founded by Father Zeno Saltini. The Nomadelfia community has always been keen on documenting and archiving its history through photographs and documentaries; right in this environment Manfredi got acquainted with the use of various techniques, both photographic and cinematographic. After leaving the community, at the age of 18 he began working as an assistant alongside his adoptive brother Beppe Lopetrone, a fashion photographer. At the same time he worked with Aldo Fallai, Bob Krieger and Klaus Wickrath.


He began his first reportages by focusing, not surprisingly, on community groups such as the Gipsies of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and the Irish Travellers in the north of England and Dublin. Thanks to various fashion magazines, Hachette Rusconi, Rizzoli, Conde’Nast, he returned to fashion by signing several advertising campaigns and accompanying, as creative director, several companies in their growth path.


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