Speciale Diciottoventicinque


curated by Kublaiklan


“A photograph is a product of an encounter and the start of a conversation”

Daniel Palmer

An encounter and a conversation are the starting point of the 2019 edition of Speciale Diciottoventicinque, the project by Fotografia Europea dedicated to training young artists, divided into ten meetings over three months and ending with an exhibition. Participants took up the challenge to produce innovative photos, starting with the viewfinders on their cameras before stepping back to look at photography as a process and an opportunity for comparisons and exchanges.

The works on display are the result of a collaborative effort, a summary of a conversation that motivated the participants’ listening and relational skills, as well as their capabilities in interpreting and manipulating an image, reflecting on volume, three-dimensionality, and substance. The exhibition isn’t so much about the final product, but rather the process that created it: a collaborative and creative process that transcends individual authorship to instead focus on new collective perspectives.

The goal is to inspire a current and important reflection in a context that sees more and more photographers deciding to adopt collective approaches, leaving behind the conception that the photographer is a solitary figure and underlining the importance of complementary exchange. For this reason, the choice was made to tackle the theme of the 2019 edition of Fotografia Europea, Bonding. Intimacy, relationships, new worlds, not only from the point of view of the photographs in and of themselves, but more importantly, from the methodology of their creation.

Collaboration/Matter is the product of an encounter and the start of something. It is a reflection that transforms into something tangible, I into we: we as photographers, we as a collective, and most importantly, we as people who consciously interact with the society in which we live.

Kublaiklan is a collective born in 2017 that works with visual and photographic  language, realizing curatorial, educational and communication projects.

It is composed by Rica Cerbarano, Francesco Colombelli, Laura Girasole, Aleksander Masseroli Mazurkiewicz, Elsa Moro e Marco Spinoni.
In 2018 it curated the exhibition Daring&Youth by Yulia Krivich for the OFF Circuit of Fotografia Europea, receiving the special mention of the jury. The same exhibition was then displayed, in a renewed guise, at Jest – spazio per la fotografia (Turin) in October 2018. For Photolux 2018 it curated and produced the exhibition Fantasia di Karim El Maktafi.

Lorenza Bassino, Chiara Benzi, Lucilla Bertuccelli, Matteo Bordignon, Anna Burani, Kristina Bychkova, Valentina Consonni, Sara De Luca, Graziana Di Gioia, Alessandra Draghi, Alice Ficarelli, Maria Fiorino, Alice Gangemi, Isabella La Fauci, Davide Magelli, Barbara Marano, Beatrice Martini, Beatrice Migliorati, Aurora Montecchio, Irene Ninni, Giulia Pantò, Giorgia Ponticelli, Laura Selvaggio, Tommaso Mitsuhiro Suzude, Daniela Tucci, Mateo Luis Vaccaro, Marta Vittuari, Maria Francesca Zeno

SUNDAY, APRIL 14th › 6pm

Guided tour with the collective Kublaiklan and the guys of the Speciale diciottoventicinque Project.


SATURDAY, APRIL 27th › 4pm

Guided tour


Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
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Chiostri di San Pietro