Master of Photography

Master of Photography: the Exhibition


From its very beginning, photography has played a pivotal role in Sky Arts’ storytelling. Being a great medium of artistic expression, a reserve of theories, techniques and stories worth telling, in 2016 Sky Arts created Master of Photography, a televised photography contest with a lively and contemporary language.

Master of Photography aimed at being the first international competition open to both amateur and professional photographers across Europe, a TV show able to represent the entire photographic process through the popular format of a talent show. From the initial idea to the relation with the subject, from the shooting technique to the post-production and printing phase. The show underlines how important it is for a photographer to be an author, especially nowadays when photography seems to have lost its flare to become just an ordinary activity practiced and shared every day by millions of people.

The journey has been a long one and in constant evolution, a road that in the past three seasons changed its direction in order to find new talents able to represent the world in their unique way.

Sky Arts had the honour to be supported by a judging panel of renowned experts, who helped contestants to improve their skills, turning Master of Photography into a real workshop for emerging photographers and not simply a showcase for professionals

Today all the contestants-photographers from Master of Photography are part of this collective exhibition: without distinctions of seasons or tasks, the exhibition combines photos of different artists, who have already proved themselves by succeeding the selection process among thousands of applicants. They first showed their images in front of a TV audience, and now they are doing it at this photography festival, in front of an experienced public who will easily appreciate their urgency and unique vision.

Every single image is itself a work of art. A work to evaluate individually, which is not just the outcome of a challenging process, but mainly the fruit of talent.

Although the images here exhibited were realised by various artists and taken in different contexts, once placed side by side they are able to emphasize the ability of each photographer to capture in a shot a unique and unrepeatable moment.

The value of a TV show like Master of Photography is the attempt to put photography under a new light and to try to give it back its place, the world of art.

Gillian Allard, Paolo Barretta, Federica Belli, Martina Biccheri, Max Brucker, Dragica Carlin, Niko Giovanni Coniglio, Wayne Crichlow, Souvid Datta, Rupert Frere, Marta Lallana García, Neal Gruer, Wojciech Grzedzinski, Nora Kabli, Sohail Karmani, Molly Keane, Alex Liverani, Gabriele Micalizzi, Susanne Middelberg, Monika Milewska, Lanka Perren, Comewell Puplampu, Yan Revazov, Danyelle Rolla, Sebastian Siebel, Gina Soden, Viktoria Sorochinski, Flint Stelter, Mary Stuart, Hongwei Tang, Olympe Tits, Sonja Thoms, Marietta Varga, Laura Zalenga

SATURDAY, APRIL 13th › 11 am

The photographer is a driver and Master of Photography is a Grand Prix
Oliviero Toscani talks with Roberto Pisoni and Nicolas Ballario

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