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  • Speciale Diciottoventicinque backstage
    Speciale Diciottoventicinque backstage
  • Speciale Diciottoventicinque backstage
    Speciale Diciottoventicinque backstage
  • Speciale Diciottoventicinque, mostra 2014
    Speciale Diciottoventicinque, mostra 2014

Speciale Diciottoventicinque, PER TERRA


curated by Alessandro Bartoli, Fabio Boni, Fabrizio Cicconi, Laura Sassi


Special eighteentwentyfive is a photography project targeted at young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Over eighty youths make up the group coordinated and directed by four professional photographers: Alessandro Bartoli, Fabio Boni, Fabrizio Cicconi and Laura Sassi.

This year the four tutors have chosen different fields of investigation, four different approaches and mutually complementary, interdisciplinary themes: The Earth, the Soil and the Stories; The Earth, the Land and Man; The Earth, the Land and Food; and The Earth and the Land.

As with any publicly commissioned project, each group has formulated a possible path of investigation for its project that is interwoven with those of the others.

Four paths in a single journey linked with the concept of Fotografia Europea 2015: Earth Effect.


The Earth, the Soil and the Stories

A garden, a park, a vegetable patch, a flower-bed, a courtyard – not extraordinary places but territories to be explored over time and through the seasons, places in which micro-stories develop with actors drawn from our daily life: a friend, a family member, a next-door neighbour or an animal. The visual narratives intertwine with different finds: soil, sand, blades of grass, fragments of plaster, collected emblems from our culture and from our roots, to be exhibited alongside the photos.


The Earth, the Land and Man

Where was I born? Where do I come from? How long have I lived here? Where have I left my roots? Is this my land? This is a project about people and their origins, about our city and its inhabitants, old and new, aimed at creating a map of faces, people and families through their portraits. As captions, testimonies and phrases of the people they portray, they will convey the irreplaceable value of memory.


The Earth, the Land and Food

The exploitation of the land to boost agricultural production takes place at the expense of the essence of nourishment. The roots of our grain no longer reach deep into the soil; they no longer tap into the true nourishment of the land. They feed off the chemical fertilizers provided by man, which make the soil increasingly arid and depleted. The images deliver the positive and negative effects of what we eat, of organically or industrially produced vegetables.


The Earth and the Land

The land does not give up, it sends us signals, makes its marks, forms small, spontaneous landscapes in places where we have tried to tether it, cover it with asphalt, bend it to our will.

The investigation focuses on marks and signs, as a discovery of forms in places where the land creates. It is a photo-documentary, a study of the colours and lights which enhance lines and forms as a natural expression of beauty.


Adornato Chiara, Albonetti Gabriele, Bagnacani Lucrezia, Barile Francesca, Benassi Francesca, Bertolani Azeredo Luca, Bigi Chiara, Bonazzi Norma, Bortolotti Daniela, Cacopardi Aldo, Campanini Federica, Capelli Matilde, Cassano Fabiola, Cilloni Luca, Coriani Amalia, Corti Elena, Cotugno Beatrice, De Mitri Benedetta, Disisto Mattia, Dragonetti Daniele, Fabbi Giulia, Favia Filippo, Finelli Nicole, Furani Enrico, Gargiulo Marco, Giovanardi Damiano, Grazioli Marisa, Halilaj Indrit, Iannaccone Matteo, Ivanciu Camelia, Jablonska Aleksandra, La Bruna Martina, La Porta Chiara, Lozzi Claudia, Lucchini Martina, Lugli Chiara, Malaver Pinzon Katerine, Mantovani Francesca, Martinelli Elisabetta, Minucci Rosario, Montanari Gianluca, Morselli Tommaso, Munari Benedetta, Nizzoli Chiara, Nizzoli Giorgio, Orlandini Federica, Pasquali Giulia, Petracchi Francesco, Petrillo Mila, Petrocelli Martina, Prodi Alissa, Quartaroli Andressa, Rossi Gioele, Ruggieri Rosalba, Salvino Alboni Ilaria, Sassatelli Federico, Sassi Giulia, Scarlini Marco, Scumaci Teresa, Stevani Giada, Straccali Silvia, Tonelli Chiara, Toschi  Andrea, Tucci Daniela, Vacondio Alice, Venturi Marialuce, Verdone Simona, Zaniboni Silvia


ALESSANDRO BARTOLI is a photographer from Reggio Emilia.

His investigations are influenced by the visual arts, literature, theatre, the world of cinema and the world of music. The core of his photographic work, mainly in black and white, breaks down the barriers between genres and portrays the world with a strong narrative idea.

The divers, the seafarers and the mermaids, the acrobats and the boxing fighters depicted in his photos feature in private collections, European museums and institutions, and in book and magazine publications.

Alessandro Bartoli’s archive is a novel under construction; his collection contains thirty-two thousand images of people and thirty-two thousand images of places at the ends of the earth.


FABIO BONI was born in 1965 in Reggio Emilia, where he lives and works, focussing particularly on portraits and social photography.

His keen study of the human face from a social and psychological perspective gave rise to his first exhibit shown in 1993, entitled Volti (Faces), dedicated to children and the elderly. He then developed the subject through further investigations and broadening the scope of his work, photographing people from a wide variety of social backgrounds and ages, ranging from the elderly to teenagers, families, celebrating communities, workers in different professions, circus workers, through to refugees.

He runs courses and seminars on the photographic portrait at the CFP Bauer in Milan, at Studio Marangoni in Florence, and the Chierici secondary college of art in Reggio Emilia. His work has been shown in many exhibits and published in several catalogues. Some of his works are held in public and private collections.


FABRIZIO CICCONI was born in Reggio Emilia in 1964.

His investigations have focussed right from the outset on the image of man, as illustrated by his first solo exhibit, Padani, shown at Palazzo Ruini in Reggio Emilia in 1991. His work, which is centred on portrait photography, has offered him the opportunity to start working with cultural institutions and musical groups.

He has shown his work in various solo exhibits as well as several group exhibits.


LAURA SASSI was born in Reggio Emilia, where she lives and works.

She has been a professional photographer since 1977 and since 2003 she has been working with the Diocesis of Reggio Emilia and Guastalla on the Cultural Project for the Archival Management of the Artistic Heritage of Churches in the Province of Reggio Emilia.

She specializes in traditional black and white photography and carries out her own laboratory work to develop and print her professional photographs and personal photographic studies.

She is a ‘Qualified Teacher’ under the IPP – Italian Professional Photographer scheme of professional photography training courses, run jointly by the Fondo Internazionale Orvieto Fotografia and the national trade associations CNA and Confartigianato.


Sunday, May 17_4pm_Chiostri di San Pietro

Exhibition Speciale Diciottoventicinque: Per Terra guided tour with the young photographers and the curators Alessandro Bartoli, Fabio Boni, Fabrizio Cicconi e Laura Sassi

exhibition venue

Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
42121 Reggio Emilia


opening hours

• during the inaugural days
05/15 › 7pm - midnight
05/16 › 10am - midnight
05/17 › 10am - midnight
• from May 22 to July 26 the exhibits are open from friday to sunday
Friday › 4pm-11pm
Saturday › 10am-11pm
Sunday and holidays › 10am-8pm


Chiostri di San Pietro