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  • #0207-2  © Daniele Lisi cluster_project
    #0207-2 © Daniele Lisi cluster_project
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    #0162 © Daniele Lisi cluster_project
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    V05 ©Daniele Lisi cluster_project, Google Heart
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    46 © Daniele Lisi cluster_project, Google Heart

Daniele Lisi, Cluster


CLUSTER | New Jersey Counties is a project conducted in the spring of 2012 in an urban area situated between the New Jersey countryside and New York City. The area, known as Meadowlands, was part of a 1920s land reclamation project for the development of low-density residential neighbourhoods.

The project, which is divided into two sections, is an “alternative study” of the local urban environment and uses satellite images taken from the Internet.

In the first section the images suggest things ‘other’ than the landscape, ‘other’ than the place itself and the represented objects, and penetrate with methodical objectivity the perceptive filter of an observer alienated from the context of the postmodern city.

The second section is a study of those same places but portrayed during the night-time as “Lived Spaces”.


CLUSTER emphasizes the apparent “beauty” of places whose geometrical and spatial perfection, determined by socio-cultural parameters, is reminiscent of the identity of the virtual cities created in videogames such as “Sim City 3000” or “The Sims”.


Daniele Lisi is a photographer and visual designer who works with visual communication and photography with a particular focus on design-related issues.

He graduated in Multimedia Design at the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts, and in 2009 he studied under Guido Guidi in the “Guidi Lab” photography workshop at the IUAV University in Venice.

In parallel with his career as a professional photographer he is engaged in study projects that seek to depict the identity of the landscape through its constituent elements. In recent years he has been involved in curatorship projects connected with photography and new media. Since 2012, he has been the curator of the Off Section of the “SI Fest” Contemporary Photography Festival in Savignano sul Rubicone.

His main projects include: “Pasta di Romagna” (Pasta from Romagna), a photography project undertaken in collaboration with the IBC in Bologna about the premises of the Ghigi pasta-making factory in Morciano di Romagna; “LUNGOFIUME Luogo d’Anime” (Riverside, place of souls), an ongoing photography project on the area of Val Marecchia; and “Cluster”, a project involving the iconographic de-composition of the urban space in Bergen County, New Jersey U.S.A.


Saturday, May 16_6pm_Chiostri di San Domenico

Exhibition Cluster| New Jersey counties guided tour with the artist Daniele Lisi

exhibition venue

Chiostri di San Domenico
via Dante Alighieri, 11
42121 Reggio Emilia

opening hours

• during the inaugural days
05/15 › 7pm - midnight
05/16 › 10am - midnight
05/17 › 10am - midnight
• from May 22 to July 26 the exhibits are open from friday to sunday
Friday › 4pm-11pm
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Chiostri di San Domenico