Index Naturae

Index Naturae


Curated by Stefania Rössl and Massimo Sordi (OMNE)


Index Naturae features 116 photo books published over the last five years exploring the theme of nature.

The selection of the volumes and the chosen time span are the result of a research conducted on the basis of recent photographic projects developed by national and international authors who joined the project proposed by OMNE, the North East Mobile Observatory. Excluding geographical limits from the outset, the research delves into experiences on the theme relating to the five continents that share a specific reference in the origins of the photographer involved or in the place of investigation.

On the one hand, the collection represents a source of reflection on the current state of photography and publishing, while on the other hand it identifies a body of research experiences offering very diverse points of view on the theme of the relationship between humans and nature in the contemporary world, giving rise to potential insights and experimentation. In the relationship between places and subjects, photography in fact emerges through its own language and codes, and the authorial presence of the photographers in the exhibition points towards the construction of a collective work, conceived as a single body within an open structure, available to be read, investigated and interpreted also on the basis of some of the smallest details.


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Chiostri di San Pietro | laboratorio aperto




Moderator TIM CLARK

Exhibition Venue

Palazzo Da Mosto
via Giovanni Battista Mari, 7
Reggio Emilia


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