Arko Datto

The shunyo raja monographies


The Shunyo Raja Monographies is an ongoing 9-year long term photography trilogy that proposes three conceptually distinct ways of visualising the Bengal Delta, considered one of the ground zeros of climate change. The rising sea levels and surging rivers have submerged many islands in the region and put millions of people at risk of becoming climate refugees. This work visually maps the trajectory of those displaced, homes destroyed, schools collapsed, and landscapes lost due to erosion, sea level rise, and cyclonic activity.


In the exhibition two of the three project’s chapter:

Kings of a bereft land: a photography project comprising portraits and landscapes, mapping erosion and sea level rise in the Bengal Delta across India and Bangladesh.

Where do we go when the final wave hits : a photographic framework that creates an equivalence betweenthe battle against climate change and the global war on terror, which both deal with invisible yet omnipresent omnipotent enemies that can strike anytime anyhow anywhere. Water is the element of terror here.

Arko Datto is an artist, educator and curator from Kolkata, India. Incorporating photography, video and installation art in his practice, he probes questions surrounding the image in the digital age, while simultaneously playing the role of observer and commentator on critical contemporary issues.

His long-term personal projects, visual essays and commissions have been published in TIME, National Geographic, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Financial Times Magazine, M Le Monde amongst others.

He has received grants from Prince Claus Fund, The National Geographic Society, IDFA Bertha Fund, and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting for his projects. His work has been exhibited globally at venues including the Den Hague Fotomuseum, Light Work, SFO Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Galleri Image, Unseen Amsterdam, Photo London among others.

He has published 3 photobooks: PIK-NIK (Editions Le bec en l’air, 2018), MANNEQUIN (Edizioni L’artiere, 2018), SNAKEFIRE (Edizioni L’artiere, 2021).
Datto has been an artist in-residence at programs including Light Work, the Camargo Foundation, Docking Station, and Rimbun Dahan. He co-curated the Chennai Photo Biennale 2021 and is represented by East Wing Gallery, Doha.


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Chiostri di San Pietro | laboratorio aperto




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