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With over fifty photographs taken in conflict zones from 2006 to 2022, No Home from War is the largest show of Prickett’s work to date.

Prickett began working in Europe and the Middle East, striving to convey and denounce the effects of war on the civilian population – on the people whose lives it ravages and uproots, whatever side they may be on.


Initially focused on the private, domestic sphere of war’s long-term social and humanitarian consequences (Croatia, Abkhazia), Prickett’s gaze has shifted over the years towards places of forced migration and lands where people seek refuge (Middle East and Europe), and then to the front lines of combat zones (Iraq, Ukraine).


The home – both a real place, and a pivotal inner space of protection, identity, and rootedness – is a central theme that crops up in different forms throughout his work.

Through his framing and composition of the shots, and his choice not to alter the available light from which the figures, settings and details emerge, Prickett creates iconic images that echo classic subjects and motifs from religious iconography and art history. The love and virtues of nameless saints, the many manifestations of the Pietà, the simplicity of a bucolic scene, the mystery of the voyage towards a hazy Island of the Dead, the drama of Caravaggio and the earthy spirituality of Rembrandt: Prickett channels their symbolic and aesthetic power into a reflection on our era.


Our impression that these photographs are somehow staged clashes with our awareness that the subjects are dramatically real, in a dissonance that elevates these fragments of worlds to universal metaphors and urges us to take a stance.


Listen to the words of the artist

Ivor Prickett (b. 1983 in Ireland) lives and works in Istanbul.

He has a particular interest in the aftermath of war and its catastrophic humanitarian consequences, and his early projects focused on stories of displaced people in the Balkans and Caucasus.

In recent years, working exclusively for The New York Times, he has spent months in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, documenting those conflicts first-hand through images and words.

His work has been recognized by institutions such as the World Press Photo, the Pulitzer Prizes, the Overseas Press Club Awards, Pictures of the Year International, Foam Talent, the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and the Ian Parry Scholarship.

He was shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 and the Prix Pictet in 2019.

His work has been exhibited in many venues, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Sotheby’s, London; Foam Gallery, Amsterdam; and the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Prickett is represented by Panos Pictures and is a European Canon Ambassador.


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