Speciale diciottoventicinque

Detaching the shadow from the ground



Donato Caggiano, Fabio Celot, Edoardo Di Benedetto, Aurora Fea, Francesco Paolo Gassi, Susanna Giancristofaro, Isaia Montelione, Giorgia Pastorelli, Erica Pierri, Anita Shulte-Bunert


Detaching the shadow from the ground starts from the study of a specific area near Reggio Emilia, the Campovolo, and from a book by Daniele del Giudice, to which the title of the project refers.


The airport of Reggio Emilia, also called Campovolo, was born as a test track for the prototypes of the Officine Meccaniche Reggiane, a famous Italian company founded at the beginning of the 20th century for the production of locomotives and artillery shells and which ended up becoming famous in the late ’30s for fighter planes.
For some years it has been a hybrid place, used for different activities, by different visitors, of different nationalities.


Starting from collective readings on the theme of flying, the open field and getting lost in specific places, participants were invited to find their personal interpretation of the site, focusing on the uniqueness of its airspace and its identity-making characteristics, the peculiarities that these spaces comprise at the level of the nation-state and on the various entities and communities that use the corresponding terrain.


The result is a joint flight manual, which has taken on a hybrid form, midway between an artist’s book, technical manual, geopolitical atlas, magazine, fanzine and diary, with textual and visual contributions.
The images presented here are to be considered as research design cues.


Listen to the words of the tutor Elena Mazzi


The publication produced at the end of the workshop is available at Chiostri di San Domenico. Pick up your copy!


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