Cédrine Scheidig

De la terre à la mer


In a dialogue between two recent series – It is a Blessing to be the Color of Earth (2020), awarded the Dior Prize, which depicts the Afro-Caribbean diaspora in the Parisian suburbs; and Les mornes, le feu, begun in 2022 in Fort-de-France, Martinique – the artist reveals connections between two territories and the imaginaries of their inhabitants.


Distancing herself from documentary photography, Cédrine Scheidig poses a subjective and poetic gaze on young people both in France and on the island. Her delicate portraits, details of urban landscapes and still lifes, bathed in a soft light, convey the feeling of a place rather than presenting an objective view of reality.


The artist explores the personal narratives of diasporic youth in the process of self-discovery, while opening up areas of reflection on such political subjects as the colonial past, cultural hybridity, modern masculinities and migration.


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Born in 1994, Cedrine Scheidig is a French-Caribbean photographer living and working in Paris.
Her artistic practice, inscribed between Europe and the Caribbean, explores the current evolution of island diasporas.
She questions the modalities of existence and resistance of Afro-descendant communities, transcribing through images the daily poetry of their existence. Insularity, modern masculinities, Caribbean esotericism are all themes that infuse her work.


In 2019, she participates in the Curatorial Programme of the Lagos Biennale, Nigeria, which allows her to forge links with artists and curators from the continent and its diaspora. In 2021, she was exhibited at the Rencontres d’Arles and won the Dior Prize for Young Talent Photography.


Nominated as one of the British Journal of Photography’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2022, her work was presented in the frame of “Plat(t)form” at the Fotomuseum Wintethur in Switzerland the same year.


She presents her first solo exhibition at MEP Paris alongside Zanele Muholi in February in 2023.

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