Alessia Rollo

Parallel Eyes

Parallel Eyes is a multimedia project that sets out to reconsider the construction of the cultural identity of Southern Italy in visual and sociological terms.


During the neo-realist period, the South of Italy – where the artist herself is from – was studied in visual terms by anthropologists, filmmakers and photographers, whose research generated the belief in an archaic-primitive society and the consequent emergence of a series of cultural stereotypes.


In this project, which includes both historical archive materials and photographs produced by the artist, the viewer is confronted with images that represent part of the area’s vast ritual heritage, which is still very much alive to this day.


The imagery created is deliberately evocative rather than descriptive. For this reason, the photographs are modified through analogue and digital manipulation techniques that introduce us to a re-enchanted, sensorial and spiritual universe.


Parallel Eyes stages the complexity of a culture that has consciously exploited the unifying role of ritual events. Even today, in an increasingly connected but less communal contemporary world, they make the world magical and festive, representing elements key to the inhabitants’ own existence.


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Alessia Rollo (Lecce, 1982) is a visual artist who lives and works in Southern Italy. After being awarded a degree in Visual Communications from the University of Perugia, she completed a master degree in Creative Photography at the EFTI in Madrid in 2009.

Rollo sees photography as a means by which to create multiple metaphors of reality, rather than a tool for the representation and documentation of facts. Her research investigates the Mediterranean, aiming to piece apart social and visual stereotypes both past and present, with a view to providing fresh points of view on this geographical area. Through the reappropriation of stories, memories and visual materials, her projects set out to create and broaden a sense of community and belonging.

Her photographs have been exhibited in numerous both solo and group shows, in museums, festivals and foundations. She has been selected for various residencies and international projects.

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