Ken Grant

Benny Profane

Summing up the story of Benny Profane in just a few lines is not easy, yet the title already encapsulates a number of key references. Benny Profane is one of the protagonists of Thomas Pynchon’s novel V, that of a man who embarks on a precarious odyssey that leads him to wander amid purity and blasphemy. A similar precarious odyssey is experienced by the protagonists in the images of Ken Grant, an English photographer interested in portraying the life of the English working classes in long-term projects. The place where this story unfolds is a port district where Grant worked as a labourer in his youth, and with which he formed a strong bond. A world on the edge of the River Mersey, in its hinterland, particularly in the vast expanse of marshland known as Bidston Moss.


From 1989 to 1997, Ken Grant immersed himself in that world and those who depended upon it for their survival. The result is a narrative in which the people photographed navigate their lives in search of stability, at a time when little is stable. Moving through the Moss, the docklands, its overflow canals and the edges of the city itself, Benny Profane is an extended account of an area and those who shaped it during its final years. In 1997, waste disposal operations at Bidston Moss ceased, and the area was turned into a nature reserve.


Ken Grant (Liverpool,1967) Since the early 1980’s he has photographed in the city and engaged in sustained projects both in the UL and wider Europe. A monograph of the Liverpool pictures, The Close Season, was published by Dewi Lewis in 2002 followed by No Pain Whatsoever and Flock in 2014 and A Topical Times for These Times in 2016. Benny Profane was published in 2019 by RRB Publishing. Ken Grant’s photographs are held in collections of photography including Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Folkwang Museum, Essen, The Parr Foundation, The Archive of Modern Conflict and other international collections. A substantial overview of his work is held by the Hyman Collection of British Photography, London.

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