Giovane Fotografia Italiana #09

Giovane Fotografia Italiana #09/Luigi Ghirri Award


curated by Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi


“Possible is what the world has not yet expressed but could express at any moment. […]
The real is also made up of what is not there but could be there, what is invisible is no less existing than the visible “


Youth is not a simple age but a condition that allows you to see things differently and imagine their infinite potential. The recent transformations of the photographic medium offer more and more ways of dealing with complex issues: field shifts give space to all those latent images by tracing another narrative, a different but possible story. And Possible is precisely the theme of the IX edition of Young Italian Photography, a project, curated by Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi, dedicated to visual artists under 35, created with the collaboration of important European and national festivals.

There are seven winning projects of the call, selected by the international jury, made up of the curators and Chiara Fabro, Shoair Mavlian, Krzysztof Candrowicz that converge in the collective exhibition.


Marcello Coslovi (Scandiano, 1992) with The wrong side of the tracks investigates the relationship between people and territory. Chiara Ernandes (Rome, 1989) in Still Birth reconstructs a dimension suspended between life and death. Claudia Fuggetti (Taranto, 1993) documents the development of a lucid dream in the Hot Zone. With Sea Bones Caterina Morigi (Lugo, 1991) researches the relationship between micro and macro, man and matter. In Diachronicles Giulia Parlato (Palermo, 1993) deals with the possible declinations of the archaeological narrative. Riccardo Svelto (Bagno a Ripoli, 1989) underlines the link between sight and memory in La Cattedrale. Finally, The Ugly Duclking by Giulia Vanelli (Lucca, 1996) reflects on identity and personal growth.


New in this edition is the establishment of the Luigi Ghirri Prize, in collaboration with the Luigi Ghirri Heirs Archive. The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and by the GAI – Young Italian artists association, in collaboration with international realities such as Photoworks – Brighton Photo Festival, Granollers Panoràmic Festival (Barcelona) and Fotofestiwal Łódź as well as Palazzo Magnani – Fotografia Europea. The exhibition sees the contribution of the Emilia-Romagna Region and Reire srl.



Marcello Coslovi (Scandiano, 1992). Graduated in Law from UNIMORE. In 2021 he graduated with honors at the end of the Biennial Course in photography at the Spazio Labo! School in Bologna where he currently works as a teaching assistant. Trained in human rights and social issues studies, with experiences in the same fields, Coslovi mainly explores problems related to human diversity. His practice has a collaborative nature and an immersive approach, using the photographic medium both as a relational bridge with individuals belonging to communities to which he is not part, and to question the structural separation between people. 2020, he works on The Wrong Side of the Tracks project. With this he is selected as “GUP Fresh Eyes 2021 Talent” and wins as “Best Portfolio Absolute” at European Photography 2021. In addition, he is among the finalists of the “Marco Pesaresi 2021 Award” and is included in the shortlist of the “Kassel Dummy Award 2022”.

Chiara Ernandes (Rome, 1989). After the Liceo Classico Chiara Ernandes attended the Roman School of Photography.

She specializes and works as a stage photographer for important Roman theaters, taking an interest in contemporary and performative theater.

In 2018 he attended the first edition of the curatorial workshop proposed by Yogurt: a space focused on visual arts and contemporary photography, curated by Francesco Rombaldi.

In 2019 he won a scholarship, and created a long-term photographic project entitled “Still Birth”, an autobiographical research in which he addresses and explores various personal themes relating to his birth. The work became a book in 2021.

In recent years, the author has enriched her path by experimenting with different visual languages. He is currently working on a new research project and has recently completed a residency work for Garbatella Images, in Rome.

Claudia Fuggetti (Taranto, 1993). After graduating in Cultural Heritage, Claudia Fuggetti is admitted with a scholarship to the Master in Photography and Visual Design at NABA in Milan. Later he specialized in Multimedia Didactics at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated with honors. His works have been exhibited in Italy and abroad at: Feltrinelli Foundation (2018), Noorderlicht International Photo Festival (2021), Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles (2018), Photo Open Up Padova (2021) and have been selected for The Censored Exhibition on the occasion of the Copenhagen Photo Festival (2021) and for The Human Blueprint – Rotterdam Photo Festival XL (2022). He is also one of 150 emerging talents in Europe for GUP Magazine’s Fresh Eyes 2021 and winner of Edition 365 of the British Journal of Photography. Other publications include Rolling Stone Black Camera, Der Greif, Libération and Paper Journal.

Caterina Morigi (Lugo, 1991). He studied at the IUAV in Venice and at the Université Paris8-Saint Denis. Since his formative years he has moved to artistic residences in Italy and abroad, including in Speyer, in Paris for “Seuils Sensibles”, in Naples at the Casa Morra Archive Foundation. In its practice it often includes collaboration with scientific centers (LAMA – Laboratory of Ancient Materials of the IUAV University) and currently with researchers from the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute and the University of Bologna. Caterina Morigi’s research focuses on the variations of the material, keeping attention to its less obvious aspects, sometimes hidden inside. The artist uses a close look, observing the effect of time on the forms. His practice involves the inclusion, in the manner of karst flows, of references from the past, from the history of art and architecture and the superimposition of organic and inorganic to probe the future relationship between man and nature.

Giulia Parlato (Palermo, 1993) is an artist who lives and works between London and Palermo. She graduated in photography from the London College of Communication (2016) and the Royal College of Arts (2019).

His practice analyzes the historical use of images as a document of truth, in particular in its scientific and forensic uses, using photography and video.

His work has been awarded the BJP International Photography Award 2nd Place (2020), L ’Innovate Grant (2020), The Camera Work Award (2020) and the Carte Blanche Éstudiants Award. He exhibits in group and solo exhibitions including Mucho Mas (Turin, 2022), Photo London (London, 2021), Unseen Photo Fair (Amsterdam, 2021), 2021) Podbielski Contemporary Gallery (Milan, 2021), Palazzo Rasponi 2 (Ravenna, 2020), and Gare Du Nord for Paris Photo (Paris 2019). She was recently selected by CAMERA – Italian Center for Photography – for the European Futures program.

His works are kept in public and private collections.

Riccardo Svelto (Bagno a Ripoli, 1989) is an Italian photographer. He graduated from the three-year degree in photography of the LABA (Free Academy of Fine Arts) in Florence (2015) where he now works as a teacher of the course “Developing a photographic project”. his work focuses on the relationships between empathy and social dynamics, trying to understand the emotional interactions and mental structures that characterize us in different ages and circumstances of life. And the winner of the “FOLIO International Online Photobook Masterclass” (2020 ) by PhMuseum & Witty Books. “The Cathedral”, published by Witty Books (2021), is his first book. His work is featured in online and print publications such as Ignant, i-D, Booooooom, VOSTOK magazine and others. He currently lives in Florence, where he works as a free-lance teacher and photographer.

Giulia Vanelli (Tuscany, 1996). In 2018 she spent a period of schooling at Stephen F. Austin University, in Texas. In 2019 she graduated in Photography at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, wheres he currently teaches. In 2020 she was selected for an artistic residency at Fabrica, the Benetton group’s experimental communication center. In 2021 she is among the main artists called to exhibit at the Gonzaga Diecixdieci Festival. She is currently involved with FOLIO, the international photo book Masterclass born from the collaboration between PhMuseum and Witty Books. Her artistic research always starts from personal experiences; in her work he blends documentary narratives with intimate approaches.


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Guided tour of the exhibition Possibile (Chiostri di San Domenico) with the curators and the artits



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with the councilor Annalisa Rabitti and Raffaella Curioni, a representative of Gai. Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists and the award jury comoposed by Tim Clark, Adele Ghirri, Elisa Medde, Cristiano Raimondi, Carlo Sala



Guided tour of the exhibition Possibile (Chiostri di San Domenico)



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