Jeff Mermelstein



#nyc is Jeff Mermelstein‘s multifarious, comic and heartbreaking survey of contemporary life as learned through overseen text messages. Written in the new language of acronym and initialism, truncation and cipher wordplay, interrupted by the occasional longueur, people appear to have few inhibitions when faced only with their own reflection in a phone screen, such that they pour their heart-felt desire and lust and hate and vitriol in unfettered streams of text consciousness.


Chaucerian in its breadth and humor, this project reveals the complex inner lives of the city’s residents, and the intriguing richness of emotion that exists within the most innocuous moments of everyday life: on the train, a park bench, or in the street. Here, a short history of New York unfolds, as told directly by one resident to another.

Jeff Mermelstein, the son of Holocaust survivors, was born in 1957 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He moved to New York City in 1978 for a one year Internship in photography at the International Center of Photography and has been on the faculty of the ICP since 1987.


Mermelstein’s photographs are part of the permanent collections of many museums and institutions including the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, the International Center of Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Museum of the City of New York, the New York Public Library, the George Eastman Museum and others. Published monographs are Sidewalk (Dewi Lewis, 1999), No Title Here (powerHouse, 2003), Twirl/Run (powerHouse, 2009), Arena (TBW, 2019), Hardened (Morel , 2019) and #nyc (Mack, 2020).


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