Scatta la cultura

Scatta la Cultura

A journey through the heritage of Emilia-Romagna


A multitude of images to illustrate the architectural heritage of Emilia-Romagna through the eyes of its citizens: thousands of photographs and hundreds of authors have taken part in the open call that formed the basis for the creation of this exhibition, with the intent of portraying and showcasing the best places and the itineraries of our region. The exhibition collects the images selected by a jury of experts – composed of Walter Guadagnini, Olivo Barbieri, Laura Gasparini and Ilaria Campioli – which focused mainly of the theme of exploration and of the re-reading of architectural heritage and landscape. The invitation is to discover and live the places that make up our landscape through a journey to reinterpret the gaze with which we explore the area.

The competition – with the special participation of the master photographer Nino Migliori – asked citizens and travellers passionate about photography to contribute their personal pieces, in order to promote the region’s beauties and strengthen its cultural identity. All the photos selected among the over 4100 submitted by over 250 authors, were published on the portal Tourer – the impressive interactive map dedicated to the discovery of cultural heritage of Emilia-Romagna created by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The jury selected four photographs for each participating province, to represent the richness and variety of architectural sites, and present a comprehensive display of our cultural heritage. In addition, attention was given to images portraying undocumented sites (absent from the Tourer website), or sites which form part of the former Ducato Estense, assigning two special prizes to highlight lesser known places and itineraries.

The thirty-eight photographs illustrate the architectural beauties, the evolution and changes of the region’s landscape. The exhibition and the competition are part of a project which aims not only to document the architectural heritage of Emilia-Romagna, but also to engage and add value to the role of citizens in representing the beauties of the cultural heritage of their land. Many photographers are still updating Tourer with their shots, and the invitation to contribute remains open. The exhibition intends to strengthen these positive examples of citizens’ participation, showcasing some of its finest results.


The competition is produced and promoted by: the Region Emilia-Romagna, the regional MiBAC secretariat for Emilia-Romagna, the Natural Cultural Heritage Institute Emilia-Romagna, the Comune of Reggio Emilia, Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, Fotografia Europea and FIAF – Delegazione Emilia-Romagna.

APRIL 20th to JUNE 9th › every Saturday at 6pm

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Chiostri di San Domenico
via Dante Alighieri, 11
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Chiostri di San Domenico