Jacopo Benassi


For the second year, Fotografia Europea presents a project born from the collaboration with the National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto. The project departs from the classical canon of photography as documentation of the theatre event, and instead proposes a real interaction between the two disciplines – and their interpreters – starting with the shared theme of the body’s representation.

In this occasion the performance is, in the words of the choreographer Diego TortelliA unique occasion to give back truth and strength to the performer who faces the audience not as an interpreter in the hands of a director, but with their own truth, their story told by the body at the service of the performance, of a place, an encounter, a bond; to create a moment of intimacy with the other and with the spectator”. Starting with the condition of the dancer himself, a Paralympic fencer, which questions themes of diversity, fragility, common conceptions around the body, its appearance and its essence.

Drawing on these considerations as starting point, Jacopo Benassi constructs a sort of photographic environment, almost an atlas of the body and of its representation in image, developed between the extremes of ancient plastic arts and contemporary concrete physicality. Through a dizzying succession of figures and poses, Benassi reveals both the canon and its rupture; precisely where the theme of the normative ideal of beauty is called into question and forced to its breaking point, it introduces not only a definitive break but also its re-composition, in a new shape and starting from a new balance. Collective and personal history come together in this gallery of materials, poses and fragility that, according to the words of Antonio Grulli – author of the catalogue’s text – “speaks of humanity, and of what distinguishes humans”.

Jacopo Benassi (La Spezia, 1970) at the end of 2016 published the book Gli aspetti irrilevanti, published by Mondadori and co-authored with Paolo Sorrentino: the Oscar-winning director creates 23 short stories starting from 23 portraits by Jacopo Benassi.

No Title Yet! is a show of photography and performance created with Kinkaleri.

In 2014 he presented the magazine he edited, produced at the Palais de Tokyo Paris in collaboration with Le Dictateur in Milan. He collaborates with the artist Federico Pepe in COCO, a project of music and video art.

From 2013 to 2015 he exhibited for three editions at the Si Fest of Savignano sul Rubicone.

In 2011 he presented a solo show at the Zelle Gallery in Palermo. He opened Talkinass Paper and Records and produced a magazine and live CDs by artists of the international underground scene. He collaborates with various directors and writers such as Paolo Sorrentino, Daniele Ciprì, Asia Argento and Maurizio Maggiani.

In 2010 he took part in No Soul for Sale with the Le Dictateur at the Tate Modern in London, an event curated by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni.

In 2009 the 1861 United Agency published a monumental monograph: The Ecology of Image. Furthermore, in 2009 he took part in FotoGrafia – International Festival of Rome.

In 2007 he took part in the Vade retro. Arte e omossessualità, da von Gloeden a Pierre et Gilles, curated by Viittorio Sgarbi and Eugenio Viola.

He collaborates with several magazines in Italy and abroad. In 2005 he participated in Aphotography at the Changing Role gallery in Naples and in 2006 – 2007 at Artissima Torino.

His last solo exhibition is Bologna Portraits, curated by Antonio Grulli, Palazzo Bentivoglio, Bologna, 2019.

SATURDAY, APRIL 13th › 7,8,9 pm

INTER-VIEW: Emanuele e Clément. Performance by Fondazione nazionale Danza / Aterballetto


SATURDAY, APRIL 13th › 4 pm

Guided tours with Jacopo Benassi and Antonio Grulli


SUNDAY, APRIL 14th › 12 am

[PARENTESI]’s talks: The eyes can see wath the mouth cannot say by Jacopo Benassi and Chiara Capodici


SUNDAY, APRIL 14th › 5,6,7 pm

INTER-VIEW: Emanuele e Clément. Performance by Fondazione nazionale Danza / Aterballetto


SATURDAY, APRIL 27th › 4 pm

Guided tours


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