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  • Blank#5590, 2011 © Luca Gilli
    Blank#5590, 2011 © Luca Gilli
  • Blank#8004, 2010 © Luca Gilli
    Blank#8004, 2010 © Luca Gilli
  • Blank#0619, 2010  © Luca Gilli
    Blank#0619, 2010 © Luca Gilli
  • Blank#5633, 2011 © Luca Gilli
    Blank#5633, 2011 © Luca Gilli
  • Untitled#4749, Chiostri di San Pietro (Re), 2013 © Luca Gilli
    Untitled#4749, Chiostri di San Pietro (Re), 2013 © Luca Gilli

Luca Gilli: Blank


(…) Every one of Gilli’s images reveals a space in which perception is literally confounded by an excess of light which creates a dual metamorphosis, one of volumes and one of materials: walls without boundaries or corners, spaces without depth, stairs that seem to lead nowhere, floors that have become liquid, coloured aplats without matter… The viewer comes out feeling dazzled: as if struck by a brutal flash of lightening, in the grip of dizziness, literally disoriented, as if his perception had lost its familiar bearings.

The chief result of such hyper-luminous effects in this white, or ‘blank’, environment is the toning down or even the complete elimination of shaded areas and shadows, eventually producing a partial or even total detachment of the pattern from reality. Often lacking depth, as if suspended in a gravity-free environment, these images remind us of how the loss of shadow, the cast shadow in particular, is one of the classic themes of fantastic literature. We rediscover these ordinary, now contour-less places, being redefined by the beauty of the bizarre, the unusual, even the impossible: the curve is transformed into a plane, the wall becomes the floor, the corners disappear in an indefinable continuum. (…)


Quentin Bajac


Excerpt from a critical essay published in Blank, by Luca Gilli, Planorbis, 2011, ISBN 978-88-95507-10-1. Original text in French.


Luca Gilli lives and works in Cavriago (Reggio Emilia). His photographs form part of various collections held in photography and contemporary art museums in Italy and Europe. He has participated in several group exhibits. He has held solo exhibits in Italian and European cities, in private galleries and public institutions as well as at major festivals, including Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles. In 2014 he received the BNL Group – BNP Paribas award at the Milan Image Art Fair, and presented solo exhibitions at the Museum of Photography in Seoul and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon I. He has contributed to a number of group catalogues and has several personal publications to his name, including Blank, featuring a critical essay by the distinguished curator Quentin Bajac, currently Chief Curator of Photography at the MoMA in New York.


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Sunday, May 17_4pm_Chiostri di San Pietro

Exhibition Blank guided tour with the artist Luca Gilli

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Chiostri di San Pietro