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Un progetto del Comune di Reggio nell'Emilia
Comune di Reggio Emilia – Città delle persone

  • MÂrten Lange, Another Language, Mack, 2012
    MÂrten Lange, Another Language, Mack, 2012
  • Morten Andersen, Blue Forest, self published, 2009
    Morten Andersen, Blue Forest, self published, 2009
  • Erik Steinbrecher, Mondofotografie, Edition Patrick Frei, 2014
    Erik Steinbrecher, Mondofotografie, Edition Patrick Frei, 2014
  • Guilherme Gerais, Intergal-ctico,  self-published by Avalanche, 2014
    Guilherme Gerais, Intergal-ctico, self-published by Avalanche, 2014

Le cose che si vedono in cielo


curated by Ilaria Campioli


(The Things One Sees in the Sky)

Since time immemorial, humans have been fascinated by the sky, the stars, the moon and heavenly bodies. From ancient cosmogonies to the most recent space explorations, human beings have concerned themselves with what they cannot see, touch and experience directly.  They are concerned with distance, meaning, and the sublime.

Photography, too, has been interested in the sky since its very beginnings, and in the course of its history has developed increasingly sophisticated equipment to capture images of the cosmos.  But just as we are getting more and more sophisticated images from more and more distant places, artists are feeling the need to claim back this space of the imagination. Through a selection of recent photo-books, the exhibit offers a reflection upon the boundary between art and science. The artists reinvent and take apart the archetypal images of the cosmos, and lead us to consider how deeply our vision of nature is influenced by the visual memory built up over the years.  Through the series of images featured in these books, the artists create new maps and new visions of the universe.

Also on show are the photographs taken during NASA’s various Apollo missions in the late 60s. These shots, which first brought us images of the planet taken from such an incommensurable distance are, more than we might think, a reflection of the historic times that produced them and show how they have become part of our imagery since then.

Even though the books tell us of an infinitely distant space, in actual fact they lead directly inside ourselves, appealing to our desire to know and to imagine.


Alfonso Almendros, Moon Trail, Akina Books, 2013

Morten Adersen, Blue Forest, self, 2009

Luca Antonucci e Daniel Small, First Light, Conveyor Arts, 2011

Israel Ariño, Atlas, Ediciònes Anomalas, 2012

Silvya Ballhause, AuraCam Images (1-8) / The Manifestation of Aura, self, 2012

Natalia Baluta, Потом / after a while, self, 2014

Sébastien Bonin, 20.000 Leghe Sotto I Mari, Théophile’s Paper, 2014

Ben Burbridge, Revelations, MACK and Media Space, 2015

Josè Pedro Cortes, Costa, Pierre Von Kleist Editions, 2013

Cristina De Middel, The Afronauts, self, 2012

Sarah Duncan, There is Another Star, PogoBooks, 2011

Jessica Eaton, Matthew Gamber, Bill Sullivan, MATTER, self, 2011

Joan Fontcuberta, Sputnik, Fundación Arte y Tecnologia, 1997

Guilherme Gerais, Intergalàctico, self-published by Avalanche, 2014

Valentina Ghiringhelli, Des sons venus de nulle part, self, 2014

Christopher Gianunzio, Speaking of Names, self, 2012

Geer Goiris, Proliferation, Roma Publications, 2014

Sharon Harper, From above and below, Radius Book, 2012

Nicholas Kahn e Richard Selesnick, The Apollo Prophecies, 2006

Klara Kallstrom e Tobias Faldt, Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis, B-B-B-Books, 2012

Kikuji Kawada, The Last Cosmology, MACK, 2015

Rinko Kawauchi, Ametsuchi, Kehrer Verlag, 2013

Stephan Keppel, Entre Entree, FW: Publisher, 2014

Leon Kirchlechner, Nowhere, Der Grief & Dienatch Publishing, 2013

Kasia Klimpel, Still, self, 2014

Birgit Krause, Plánētes, Birgit Krause and Raum für Publikation, 2014

Susanne Kriemann, RAY, Roma Publications, 2014

Mårten Lange, Another Language, MACK, 2012

Alexandra Lethbridge, The Meteorite Hunter, Format Edition, 2014

Michael Lundgren, Tranfigurations, Radius Book, 2011

Norman Mailer, MoonFire. The epic journey of Apollo 11, Taschen, 2009

Melanie Matthieu, Lâmo Lâva, Alauda Publications, 2014

Simone Menegoi e Cristiano Raimondi, LE SILENCE Une fiction, MACK, 2012

Rene Nuijens e Steve Korber, Yuri Gagarin, 50 Years of Human Space Flight, Rene Nuijens, 2011

Taiyo Onorato e Nico Krebs, Light of other days, Kodoji Press, 2009

Andrea Papi, Woodland, Monkey Photo, 2014

Regine Petersen, Find a fallen star, Kehrer Verlag, 2015

Martin Ransby, The Planet, Ransby Edition, 2014

Thoman Ruff, Sterne, Mörel Books, 2014

Lieko Shiga, Rasen Kaigan / Album, Akaaka Art Publishing, 2013

Alberto Sinigaglia, Big Sky Hunting, Skinnerbox + Édition du LIC, 2014

Erik Steinbrecher, Mondfotografie, Edition Patrick Frey, 2014

Harold Strak, Arthropoda, Van Zoetendaal Publisher, 2011

Hiroshi Watanabe, The Day the Dam Collapses, Daylight Books and Tosei-sha, 2014

John Warwicker, The floating world: ukiyo-e, Staedl + MACK, 2009

Witho Worms, Cette Montagne C’est Moi, FW: Publisher, 2012

Heavenly Bodies, Nazraeli Press in association with Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2014

This is Mars, Aperture Foundation, 2013

Expanding Universe. Photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope, Taschen, 2015

Amc2 journal Issue 6, AMC Books, 2013


Saturday, May 16_1pm_Chiostri di San Pietro

Le cose che si vedono in cielo guided tour with the curator Ilaria Campioli


Sunday, May 17_3pm_Chiostri di San Pietro


Le cose che si vedono in cielo – photobooks on view.

Big Sky Hunting (skinnerbox – édition du Lic, 2014) by Alberto Sinigaglia

Still (self published, 2014) by Kasia Klimpel

The Meteorite Hunter (format edition, 2014) by Alexandra Lethbridge

Introduced by Ilaria Campioli. Book signing to follow

exhibition venue

Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
42121 Reggio Emilia


Opening hours

• during the inaugural days
05/15 › 7pm - midnight
05/16 › 10am - midnight
05/17 › 10am - midnight
• from May 22 to July 26 the exhibits are open from friday to sunday
Friday › 4pm-11pm
Saturday › 10am-11pm
Sunday | holidays › 10am-8pm


Chiostri di San Pietro