Sguardi di immigrazione

© Nicolò Degiorgis, The Hidden Islam – Islam nascosto, Treviso 2009

Tommaso Bonaventura, Francesco Cocco, Nicolò Degiorgis, Salvatore Esposito, Elena Givone, Alessandro Imbriaco, Francesca Leonardi, Martino Lombezzi, Emiliano Mancuso, Lorenzo Pesce, Gabriele Rossi, Riccardo Venturi, Antonio Zambardino

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In the last five years, around one and a half million foreigners have immigrated to Italy, with an average annual increase of 13%. Within a very short space of time Italy has thus fallen into line with other European countries in terms of migrant population figures. The speed of this phenomenon, however, has inevitably caused imbalances, tensions and problems.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether immigration can be an added value in a country with sluggish development and where hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost.

Through its artists’ photographic documentation, Contrasto has told the complex and numerous aspects of immigration in Italy: the dramatic landings in Lampedusa, the need for integration, second generation immigrants, the multiplicity of religions and their places of worship, the communities, the search for housing, job integration and irregular work, illegal status and health.

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