Marco Bolognesi

Marco Bolognesi, On The Beach, 2012 © Marco Bolognesi


curated by Walter Guadagnini

times and locations

Galleria Parmeggiani – Interno 1
corso Cairoli
242121 Reggio Emilia

venerdì 11 maggio aperto dalle 18.00 alle 24.00; sabato 12 e domenica 13 maggio dalle 10.00 alle 24.00. Dal 17 maggio al 24 giugno aperto da martedì a venerdì dalle 9.00 alle 12.00; sabato, domenica e festivi dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 16.00 alle 23.00. Chiuso il lunedì.


‘Humanescape’ is made up of large format images. At the centre there are female figures completely painted in white. Like modern Gullivers, they are constrained, tied up and in distress; they are unable to identify themselves with any of the surrounding objects and feel a sense of solitude and immobility. The actor is the female body used as a metaphor of the single individual, no longer (or not yet) a citizen, but the sole real element of the images surrounded by toys. «I have been engaged in this study on INNER LANDSCAPES for a long time and this project brings its first chapter to completion». The Inner landscape is the reflection of the human view over the world. A subjective vision connected to existing reality, memories, emotions and the people who inhabit and shape the place where everyone lives.

The English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins uses the term Inscape to define the set of characteristics that confer uniqueness and exclusiveness to an individual experience. The symbolic message is poignant: no landscape can exist without a representation of it and it is through this act of representation that society expresses its aspirations and participates in the process of socio-cultural evolution.

In this work, the investigation of the inner landscape, which analyses the links that connect places to personality and lived experience, is transformed from INSCAPE to HUMANESCAPE, a human landscape or man’s escape. A borderland setting where the place constitutes the drifting of a society that is incapable of welcoming, creating a sense of belonging and giving citizenship status to the individual.

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Marco Bolognesi (Bologna, 1974) is an artist and filmmaker. Having attracted the attention of Italian and international collectors and the media, his works are now held in public and private collections. In 1994 his first videos were presented at the Giffoni Film Festival and then at the Venice Biennale. In 2003 he won the award for Artist in Residence at the Italian Cultural Institute in London and realized the Woodland project and photography book by the same name. In 2008 he made the short film entitled ‘Black Hole’, winner of the award for best science fiction film at the Indie Short Film Competition in Florida. That same year his photo ‘Redandwhiteeyes’ came to be part of Experimenta, the touring exhibition of Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then of the Farnesina Collection. The artist published his second photography book, Dark Star, in 2008. In 2009 he presented his solo exhibit ‘Z Generation’ at the Olyvia Fine Art gallery. That same year his book Protocollo, a graphic novel co-authored with Carlo Lucarelli, was published by Einaudi; he then went on to present ‘Genesis’, an installation on the subject of the creation and mutation of identities, at the Solares Foundation of the Arts in Parma. In 2011 the artist exhibited his work at Difforme, an exhibition located in the archive of electronic arts at the University of Molise. Bolognesi’s most recent work is ‘Mock-Up’, an installation presented at the Invideo 2011 international exhibition.