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Fotografia Europea Reggio Emilia

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Claudia Neri

Space in between

Claudia Neri



A forgotten poster left in a sink. An old calendar still on the wall. A curtain behind which there is nothing to see. A difficult place to interpret, where time seems to have stopped, suddenly and without any warning. This is the scenery that was revealed to my eyes visiting the barracks of a former forced work camp on the outskirts of Berlin. A labyrinth of images divided from doors opening on empty rooms, like a series of questions without any answer, where the few objects left seem to be lost

> I was born in a small town near Como lake in 1978. After my Sociology Master’s degree, I specialized in the audiovisual field, and especially in documentary filming. My main interests and skills are in Visual Anthropology, Art & Stage Photography, Art Therapy. I am working and studying at the University of Trento in the field of Digital Social Innovation.