Call 2020: terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions

The fee of € 2500 (tax included) covers the costs of conception, design and production of the exhibition.

The artist/curator, accepting the fee, agrees to:

  1. guarantee the authorship and originality of execution of the works (signed and numbered);
  2. declare that the works are the result of his own talent and that he has all the skills needed to enter into this contract;
  3. guarantee the peaceful enjoyment of the rights granted and ensure that the exposure of the works will not infringe, either in whole or in part, the rights of third parties;
  4. create, design and produce the exhibition submitted and selected by the open call of Fotografia Europea 2020: prints, frames, possible audio/video supports as projectors, tv, headphones, players, etc. The festival will not intervene during productive phases of the exhibitions, that will have to be ready for the outfitting;
  5. provide the packaging and (eventually) the crates needed for the transport of the works;
  6. provide with the round transport of the artworks;
  7. provide, within a date established by the organization of the festival, all the materials for the catalogue of Fotografia Europea 2020:
    • high resolution images (TIFF format, resolution 300DPI, 20 cm base), complete with captions, copyright and any courtesy
    • a short presentation not written by the artist himself that will be used for the exhibition panels and should be used for the catalogue;
  8. provide, within January, 14th a selection of images, with captions, copyright and any courtesy, released for the press, the website and all the communication channels of Fotografia Europea;
  9. provide, within a date established with the organization of the festival, the exhibition plan of the project (if the artist/curator wants to be present during the outfitting/dismounting phases, he/she will have to cover the travel, food and accomodation costs);
  10. be present during the opening days of Fotografia Europea 2020 – April 17th-19th 2020 and take part in possible guided tours or talks;
  11.  bear the travel costs to be present at the opengin weekend April 17th- 19th 2020

The organization of the festival undertakes to:

  • provide an adequate exhibition space for the period of the exhibition (from April, 17th to May 24th 2020);
  • deal with the installation of the exhibition, following the instructions given by the artist/curator (see point 9);
  • deal with the dismounting of the exhibition (see point 9);
  • ensure the cleanliness of the rooms awarded as well as the payment of utility bills for the duration of the exposure;
  • supervise the exhibition, according to the timetable established for all the exhibitions of Fotografia Europea 2020;
  • provide insurance of the works “only warehousing insurance” starting from the values declared by the artist/curator;
  • promote the exhibition in all the communication materials that will promote the exhibitions of Fotografia Europea 2020;
  • provide with the internal communication of the exhibition at its own expenses;
  • promote the event through its communication channels;
  • bear the proposer’s food and accomodation costs during the opening weekend of Fotografia Europea 2020 – April 17th-19h 2020 in accordance with the regulation of the Foundation.

The final amount of € 2500 (tax included) will be provided after the installation of the exhibition. The proponent can ask for an advance payment (up to 30% of the total amount) in agreement with the festival organization.
The organization of the festival informs the proponents that the amount of € 2500 could be subjected to taxations up to 30% depending on the financial position of the proponent and on the Italian law.