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The Fotografia Europea Collection. A tribute to Luigi Ghirri

curated by Laura Gasparini

The Fotografia Europea collection was born in 2006, the first year of the Festival, and has developed with every subsequent Festival until today. Every year, the artistic director identifies a subject on which to focus and uses it to set out thematic paths entrusted in turn to various curators from the Italian and European photography scene.

The collection has acquired the works of the artists invited to conduct publicly-commissioned projects in Reggio Emilia or their countries of origin, as well as from the projects and exhibits specifically implemented for the various Fotografia Europea festivals. Almost two hundred photographers from different European countries have given their free interpretation of the main theme that has been the focus of each year’s Festival. The collection is thus a significant body of works addressing the topics of the urban landscape, the human figure and the gaze, tackled with a particular emphasis on investigation and experimentation.

The collection is held at the Photo Library of the Panizzi Library which, on the occasion of Fotografia Europea 2014, is dedicating an exhibit to Luigi Ghirri’s ideas through a selection of his works. The exhibit is to be staged in the Exhibition Room of the Panizzi Library and will be divided in the following sections: the gaze, objects, the urban landscape and the subjective landscape, and will display works by Luigi Ghirri, Benedetta Alfieri, Giorgio Barrera, Gabriele Basilico, Jean Baudrillard, Cristina de Middel, Paola De Pietri, Vittore Fossati, Paolo Gioli, Francois Halard, Jitka Hanzlovà, Valery Jouve, Esko Mannikko, Walter Niedermayr, Bernard Plossu, Martin Parr, Pentti Sammallahti, Ferdinando Scianna, Klavdij Sluban and Marco Zanta.

The exhibit is curated by Laura Gasparini, who also edited the catalogue which includes texts by Elio Grazioli, Francesca Fabiani and Francesco Zanot. The cataloguing data of the collection works has been compiled by Monica Leoni and Giulia Lambertini in collaboration with Ilaria Campioli. The catalogue also includes a complete list of the works held in the collection.

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