Speciale diciottoventicinque


Speciale diciottoventicinque Backstage © Menyar Taha, 2013

Speciale diciottoventicinque Backstage © Menyar Taha, 2013


curated by Alessandro Bartoli, Fabio Boni, Fabrizio Cicconi, Laura Sassi

times and locations

Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
42121 Reggio Emilia

friday 3rd may open from 6.30 pm to midnight; saturday 4th and sunday 5th may from 10 am to midnight; from 6th may to 16th june open on friday from 7 pm to 11 pm; saturday from 10 am to 11 pm, sunday from 10 am to 9 pm


Fifty new young people have completed the Special Eighteen-Twenty-Five of “European Photography 2013,” focusing their free research on a specific territory of investigation: the narrative of aesthetic metamorphosis as an emblem of inner change. During a series of introductory afternoons in preparation for the research, the young people chosen were assigned four tutor-authors. The “artists’ books” subsequently produced are the fruit of long encounters, visions and sharing; of gazes and meetings, of stories. These images mark new ways, without fads, of telling the story of “change,” and photography as responsibility; they focus on physical and physiognomic changes as exterior matter (only apparently), in truth the symptom of major ethical changes. They portray the anthropic appearances, the mutations that explode all around young people and inside them, in these bastard times. These young people are already very much aware of what it is that changes and surprises; in their projects they have been able to understand “the skin they inhabit,” read a body, perhaps even a thin, but sincere one, vibrant and suffering with expectancy, both inside and out. Perhaps it is only them who can grasp certain forbidden zones of society, certain indelible bruises of their lives invisible to many. Thus themes and styles emerge that interpret the Morphing of their time and of their veins. They took photos in order to change, to explore new rooms of thought and ancient labors of the body; they used new forms of support and eccentric exhibition prototypes to “read,” from every angle, the volume of change and identity. The books of Special Eighteen-Twenty-Five are the gift of this young community. This year the project also provides us with a key; it throws open the door of a world, it opens the gateway to change, that bears with it the firebrand of inexorable responsibility.

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Photos by

Ashun Mary Ackah, Asta Giada, Aurelio Giorgia, Bonazzi Norma, Bonora Fabiola, Bui Vittorio, Bulgarelli Saverio, Cagnolati Edoardo, Cervi Eleonora, Collura Graziella, Corradini Alice, Corradini Greta, De Paola Ilenia, Dokaj Marigena, Dragonetti Daniele, Essam Walla, Falcone Sara, Ferrari Martina, Ferrati Roberta, Fornaciari Beatrice, Gallingani Tommaso, Ghiddi Giulia, Gibertini Martina, Giovanardi Damiano, Governatori Giulia, Iembo Gianluigi, Mammi Sara, Messaoud Maroua, Montanari Lucia, Monticelli Veronica, Mordonini Alice, Nita Adelina Elena, Pecorari Marta, Petracchi Francesco, Radwan Aia Hani Ali Saad, Ronchetti Marco, Saad Michel Amedeo, Salsi Francesca, Sbarra Fausto, Serra José Fabio, Shkurti Klaudia, Shkurti Xhesica, Sumugat Krizzia, Toschi Andrea, Turtulli Anifada, Vecchi Valentina, Yao Mengying, Zhang Mengjia