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Alessandro Rizzi, Theater translation 15#, Teatro di Gualtieri 2013 © Alessandro Rizzi

Theater translation

times and locations

via dell’Aquila, 3/a
42121 Reggio Emilia

friday 3rd may open from 6.30 pm to midnight; saturday 4th and sunday 5th may from 10 am to midnight; from 6th may to 16th june open on friday from 7 pm to 11 pm; saturday from 10 am to 11 pm, sunday from 10 am to 9 pm


With his work Theater Translation, Alessandro Rizzi draws attention to the story of the Teatro Sociale of Gualtieri, showing how a vital bond is possible with what until recently was just one of the many, though beautiful, structures destined to oblivion or to historicisation.
Rizzi conducts a reading of the architectural space of the theatre, offering an interpretation that goes beyond the mere architectural boundaries.
With this work, the photographer shows the most sensitive part of the theatre, interpreting its most intimate movements, guiding us towards a secret unveiled.
The project aims to bring together in the photographic work the historical strength of this theatre structure and its recent life, a life that, through the commitment of the Associazione Teatro Sociale of Gualtieri, has returned to the theatre its function, recombining it with the contemporary, in the highest sense of what may be considered change.
The images convey the trace of this new life, almost adhering to the material perceptions and to the colouring that the theatre naturally contains. With a path investigated through the depths and surfaces, Theater Translation gives us an epidermal map that leads to the heart of the representation.

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Alessandro Rizzi (Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, 1973), has lived over the last ten years in Italy, China, Lebanon and Japan, working on his Never Ended Project on the big cities of the world and collaborating on various editorial projects with Italian and foreign magazines. From 2001 to 2009 he was part of the Grazia Neri agency, and during the same years he won the 3M Italia award as the best Italian photographer under 30. His works have been displayed in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. Seven years after his first book, Vision from another world, he is now working on the publication of a new volume on the city of Tokyo, his true “obsession,” and on the project Theater Translation, previewed in this edition of Fotografia Europea. He has held lectures and lessons by invitation from: Institute Center of Photography of New York, Fondazione Capri, Domus Academy, American University of Beirut, University of Teramo and Pescara and Domus Magazine. He also collaborates with various agencies and art galleries.